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Three Words
Todd Jones

Three words you can use in 2019 to become a better WordPress professional

Are you ready for 2019, to make it a successful year? For some time now, digital marketer Chris Brogan has used a simple framework to help make his years more successful. Brogan uses three words to help make his new year a great year. As he says here, “I started this process back in 2006. Back then, my 3 words were “Ask. Do. Share.” I picked these very simple words and they served me very well. One of my best years ever. When I asked questions, I learned. When I took action based on what I learned from asking, I

How to Quickly Set Up an Affiliate Network

Building an affiliate network is a marketing method in which the network owner gets paid for referring potential customers to a specific product. Payment method can be PPC (pay-per-click) where network owner gets paid every time a visitor clicks on one of the advertising links or a Commission-Based payment system where the owner is paid on actual conversions. In this article we are going to go over four steps which will show you the quickest way to set up an affiliate network: Applying for an Affiliate Program. Setting up the MainWP Content Extension. Setting up a Template website. Building a network of

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