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So here we are, at the end of the year, in the last month.

This is the month of holidays, reflection, celebrations, family, and parties.

So much happens in December.

But today, we take one last look at our WordPress Roundup. We talk about games, certifications, a decade of publishing and a few upcoming events.

The Jerry Lawson Google Doodle

YouTube video

If you visited Google on December 1, 2022, you may have noticed the Google Doodle. It was in honor of Gerald “Jerry” Lawson, the man who is considered one of the fathers of modern gaming. He was the team led the team that created home video gaming systems using game cartridges that were interchangeable.

Sadly, Lawson passed away in 2011, but his birthday was December 1st and he would have been 82 this year.

“Lawson’s achievements were particularly notable considering he was one of very few Black engineers working in the tech industry in the 1970s. Yet, as his children told Google, ‘due to a crash in the video game market, our father’s story became a footnote in video-game history.'”
Source: NPR

The celebration included a video and a section of the page that included games. I played a couple of them and they were fun!

Learn more about Lawson and even play the games that commemorate him at Google.

CertifyWP to Launch WordPress Credentialing Organization

CertifyWP is a new credentialing organization. When Talisha Lewallen started WPConnects, she realized there was a need for credentialing.

As she says in a press release,

“Part of developing a credential for WordPress is establishing a baseline of skills for those entering the WordPress job market, including the US Department of Defense, which requires a credential for entry,” says Talisha Lewallen, CEO of WPConnects, and founder of CertifyWP.

“The beauty of a credential like this is that it can benefit any company that is hiring in WordPress. Along with the benefits it will bring for WordPress users and contractors.”

CertifyWP established a board of directors to oversee the process.

The organization will work on a standardized exam for those hoping to be credentialed.

Another goal of the organization is to receive letters of endorsement from WordPress companies who would benefit from the credentialing process.

Companies wishing to participate in submitting a Letter of Endorsement can do so here

Endorse CertifyWP

Learn more about CertifyWP on their website.

Pop the cork! WP Mayor Turns 12.

Congratulations to the team at WP Mayor who turned 12 years old recently.

The blog has served WordPress users with informative tutorials, reviews, How To’s, best picks and more for over a decade.

The blog was founded by Jean Galea and features a host of writers, including Mark Zahara.

As Zahara writes in the celebratory article,

“12 years after Jean Galea took a leap of faith and started a blog about WordPress, WP Mayor continues to be one of the most trusted and reputable sources of WordPress reviews and tutorials around the world. After years of experimentation and discovery, we now look ahead to a brighter future together, focusing on providing our readers and fellow WordPress businesses with exactly the value they’re looking for.”

WP Mayor Turns 12! 🍾

You can see a historical timeline of the WP Mayor on their About page.

Playing a Mexican Train with family and friends

The Mexican Train Online was created by WordPress developer Corey Maass.

This is that time of year where we need to do something fun. Why not play an online game with your friends and family?

The game is a dominos-based Mexican Train game.

“ is an online, multi-player version of the classic game enjoyed by so many that you can play in real-time. Simply sign in and start a game. Enjoy hours of free, leisurely fun!”

It’s pretty simple. First, you sign up for a game. Next you get a link to play your and you can share it with friends.

When everyone is ready, you start the game.

The best part of this game is there are no ads. So, have fun!


A few upcoming events

WordFest Live – Virtual
December 16, 2022
The WordPress festival that teaches, inspires, and supports the Big Orange Heart!

State of the WordPress 2022 – In person or virtual
December 15, 2022, 1–2:30 P.M. EST (18–19:30 UTC)
Get all the information at the link:

WP Wealthbuilder Summit – Virtual
Virtual Event, MAY 12, 2023

WordCamp Asia
17-19 February, 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

WordCamp Birmingham
February 4-5, 2023 – WP Ya’ll, in Birmingham, Alabama.

Wrapping it up

Sometimes at the end of the year, we need something to celebrate. Milestones help, so congratulations WP Mayor!

Sometimes we need something to have fun, so playing a game online with friends may help. Thanks Corey for the free Mexican Train Online.

Sometimes we need to remember legendary work like Mr. Lawson. And sometimes, we need to make a change for the better of our community like CertifyWP.

What does you end of the year look like? Let us know at the MainWP Users Group.

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