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How you can drive traffic to your website by being a guest


Picture this.

You are searching for a way to drive traffic to your website. You need some exposure. You could, if you like, dump some money into Facebook ads. You could also dump money into other pay per click type ads.

Or, you can find a more organic way to get traffic. This, as we have talked about before, is called earned traffic. This week we are going to move to the idea of being a guest.

Driving traffic to your website can take multiple roads. One of those roads is to take advantage of opportunities to be a guest in various places. Today, we are going to discuss three ways you can use being a guest to your advantage for website traffic.

Be a guest on a podcast

Four times I have had the pleasure of being on a podcast. I remember the first time that I was asked to be on the podcast for Hallway Chats. I was honored. I was honored anyone would be interested in what I had to say.

As I established a platform for content, I begin to build relationships with those in Facebook groups in the WordPress space. Several have or have launched podcasts in the past year.

My friend Mandy had me on her copywriting podcast. Just like Hallway Chats, we talked about my love of storytelling and using it in content. Then, my friend Davinder launched a podcast for smart web creators. He asked me to be one of his first two guests.

Most recently, Pete Everitt of The Marketing Development Podcast asked me to be on his podcast. We recorded that episode last week. I had a blast. These were all very organic engagements.

One thing you should understand, according to Christ Ducker, podcast hosts are always looking for good guests,

Here’s a secret from me to you: podcast hosts are ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS, looking for great guests. Yes, they may have a weekly or daily show that appears to be full of amazing guests all the time, but I promise you, getting all those guests lined up is a huge amount of work. Good guests are hard to come by.

I think the most effective way to be on a podcast is to be asked, but I realize that isn’t always how it works. Once you have established your self as one having authority and a voice, many podcasters may come to you. However, many are looking for guests and will advertise that on their website.

Courtesy: | Being a guest on a podcast
Courtesy: | Being a guest on a podcast

With a podcast, you get your website link in the show notes, mentioned on the podcast, and sometimes in social media posts. You get several minutes to talk, often uninterrupted, where people can hear your thoughts, your dreams, your passion, and the experience you have.

It is a great way to get traffic to your website. If listeners like your episode they will look you up. I remember listening to a podcast with Erin Flynn. After, I looked her up and have become part of her community. It is a great way to connect with others.

So, listen closely in your networking circles. Who is looking for guests? Volunteer. I want to make one caution. While it is fun to go on a podcast for friends in your industry, if your target audience is different, consider finding podcasts in your target audience niche. You can really stand out in that setting.

Heidi Thorne gives great advice on How to Be a Guest on a Podcast. Among the things she talks about is why it is a struggle to be a guest and ways to search for a relevant podcast to pitch being a guest. Additionally, she talks about how to approach a podcast host an how to be a good guest.

Go be on a podcast.

Guest Blogging

To be honest, it isn’t really hard to be a guest blogger. Lots of blogs are looking for people to guest post. Two things matter when you guest post.

First, you have to confident in your ability to write good, quality, blog posts. If you lack that confidence, it might be best to work on your skill on your own blog. Nevertheless, you can also practice on blogs that don’t get as much traffic such as a friend’s blog.

Second, you need to have a guest post on a relevant blog. I recommend a blog in your target audience. Not just one in your target audience, but one which has good traffic. It makes little sense to have a guest blog post on a website that just doesn’t get much traffic.

I have seen many copywriters guest post at places like Copyblogger and Copyhackers. These posts have made some of their careers much more successful. Several also will guest post at Content Marketing Institute.

Courtesy: | There are multiple benefits to guest blogging
Courtesy: | There are multiple benefits to guest blogging

Guest posting has multiple benefits. If you are guest posting, you should receive a byline with a link to your website. Most that offer guest posts will allow one and sometimes two links as well as at least one social media profile. As a result, some have created unique landing pages that allow them to put a lead magnet to get traffic.

Adam Connell explains in this article at Blogging Wizard,

In your author bio, you should always link to a landing page where readers can download your lead magnet. Or if you have multiple lead magnets, use whichever is the most relevant.

Consider using a guest posting strategy to help build traffic.

Be a resource

When I regularly wrote in the startup and tech space, I would give advice to startup founders. I told them if they wanted help with PR, be a resource for journalists. Offer to help them understand something, give them information they can use, generally, befriend a journalist.

I explained that when I needed a resource within that community, one of the first persons I am going to call is them because they helped me. With that, often, came a link to their website.

Meet the journalists who cover tech and website topics in your local publications. Shoot them an email and tell them you enjoyed their latest article. Tell them if they need any information to just ask. Build a relationship. If you are targeting businesses in your local area, this can be a great source of traffic.


Courtesy: | Be a resource, be willing to be interviewed
Courtesy: | Be a resource, be willing to be interviewed

Forbes VIP Contributor Lou Casale says this,


Before you pitch your favorite national publication a story idea about why your business should be on the cover, make a connection with the reporters at the local newspaper your potential customers are most likely reading. At the end of the day, public relations is about reaching the public, and even just a mention in the free weekly newspaper that can be found in most communities will guarantee visibility with an audience of potential customers .

Most local publications will allow you to write a guest article as well. They need content. As long as you don’t make one long pitch for your business, you most likely can get that published. Make sure they give you a byline and a link to your website.

Become a resource for writers.

In fact, there is an organization that already exists that facilitates this type of action. It is called Help a Reporter Out. Each day they send a list of needs from journalists who need a certain kind of expertise.

Wrapping it up

With a little planning and work, and a little time, you can generate traffic from being a guest on a podcast or on a blog. Get on the right podcast or blog and it can result in a good amount of targeted traffic.

No one said it was an easy thing to do. It might take a little work or overcoming your fear of public speaking. It may stretch you a little bit. It can, however, be a great way to build authority.

What are some of the things you have done to become a guest on a blog or podcast? Have you ever been interviewed by a writer for an article? Let us know in the comments below.

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