February Roundup: A Landing Page crash course for FREE and more

February Roundup

In today’s roundup, we take a look at five resources to help boost your business in February. How about learning about landing pages from the Queen of Conversions? Check.  Need help promoting your customers to blog? We got it. Hosting a virtual summit soon? Yup, we have a resource for that too.

Are you looking for a new way to monitor plugins and themes? Yup.

Do you need to spin up a new WordPress instance for a quick test? We have that too.

You’ve come to the right place this week.

Bridget Willard recently launched a plugin to help business owners blog regularly.

WordPress professional, author, and teacher Bridget Willard recently released a new plugin that will help small business owners launch their website with blogging prompts.

According to the plugin page on WordPress Repository,

Launch With Words is a product that combines the experience of a small business copywriter with blogging prompts. This helps you publish a blog post once a month. No need for boring placeholder text or lorem ipsum in your blog. Simply follow the prompts and publish. Now you are a copywriter! Because blogging shouldn’t be hard.

The plugin and the Content Start Pack comes with prompts to encourage blogging every month.

Need something like this as a value add for your ongoing clients? Willard has Premium Content Packs that work with the plugin.

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Launch with Words
Launch with Words

Learn the tips and strategies Jan Koch uses for his virtual summit.

Jan Koch, the WP Agency Summit creator, has launched a book. The book details the strategies that Jan uses to run a successful virtual summit.

Topics he covers in the book include the Economic Impact, a Step-by-Step Process that can be used, how you can Grow your Brand with a virtual summit, and how you can leverage your new Influence for more opportunities.

Jan has already successfully helped others with their virtual summits. Many have offered testimonials to the work that Jan has done helping them.

If hosting a virtual summit is in your future, then grabbing a copy of this book may be a good idea.

You can find up a copy at Amazon here.

WP Lookout monitors your themes and plugins for changes.

You likely monitor several websites and thereby many plugins and themes. Well, using something like WP Lookout may help you manage your monitoring of themes and plugins.

The new plugin will help you keep tabs on issues and news relating to each.

To get started, you register for an account at the WP Lookout site. Next, you add their plugin to your website via the WordPress Repository.

After you create an API Key for your website, you add the API to your website’s plugin settings.

Once you have done this, you will find the information in your WP Lookout dashboard. Your account will also email you notifications, and you have an RSS feed you can import to view.

I think this has some real possibilities, but I am unsure how you would use it with managing many websites. I would like to see this added to the MainWP stack someday.

Screenshot: WPLookout.com
Screenshot: WPLookout.com

TasteWP helps to spin up WordPress instances.

I have almost always kept a Demo site to use as a sandbox for testing plugins and themes, etc. Currently, I am without one, but a new service is available that will allow you to test without using your own server space.

TasteWP does that. It allows you to set up a WordPress instance to test different plugins and such. This is ideal, especially if it doesn’t have to mirror a certain environment.

Users can spin up the instance for free and without login or use a login to keep the WordPress instance live longer.

Your site will be deleted after 48 hours if you aren’t logged in or 7 days if you are. This is a temporary instance but comes with a cloning plugin to quickly move the site.

The landing page crash course for FREE

It’s not every day you get to learn about something for free from an expert in the field.

Queue today.

Talia Wolf, the Queen of Conversion, has put out a few videos that she is calling a Landing Page Crash Course.

Why should you listen to this woman? Because businesses all over the globe already do.

She and her company’s goal is to help you increase conversions. How do they do that? They answer.

“How we do it: We help businesses get into their customers’ heads using emotional targeting and customer-centricity to generate more revenues, leads, engagements and sales for our clients and students.”

She has been a guest in places such as CoSchedule, LeadPages, Unbounce, Moz, ActiveCampaign, and Everybody Hates Marketers.

She has spent years testing and verifying conversion tactics.

Here are the videos that she released thus far:

Do you really need a landing page?

How to plan a high-converting landing page

Top 5 landing page mistakes to avoid

Wrapping it up

Landing pages are crucial for any business online, especially if you try to convert a visitor on your website.

Having blog posts ready for your client will be a fantastic value add. Bridget Willard’s plugin is really going to help you get your customers going writing blog posts.

What is your favorite new tool in the world of WordPress or tech? Which of these resources will be most valuable to you?

Let us know in the MainWP Users Facebook Group.

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