📢 Introducing Fathom Extension for MainWP: Track All Child Site Stats from One Dashboard.

📢 Fathom Extension for MainWP: All-in-One Website Analytics for Your Child Sites

Fathom Released - MainWP

After the release of MainWP “Demo Mode”, I am super excited to introduce the “Fathom” Extension for MainWP.

With this Extension, you will be able to view visitors’ data right inside your MainWP Dashboard without navigating multiple Fathom accounts.

It’s all about simplifying your Child Sites’ analytics experience for better decision-making.

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Let’s take a closer look…

– All-in-One Central Dashboard

The Fathom Extension for MainWP makes it easy to monitor the Fathom stats of all your Child Sites from one centralized MainWP Dashboard.

With the “Visitor Data” view, you will be able to quickly access comprehensive Fathom analytics for all your Child Sites in a single place.

Fathom - Visitors Data

– Two Widgets for Fathom Extension

The Fathom Extension adds widgets to the MainWP Overview and Individual Site Overview pages, providing a user-friendly way to monitor your Child Sites visitors’ data.

These widgets allow you to gain a quick and comprehensive overview of visitors’ data on each of your Child Sites, enabling you to stay informed about their performance.

Fathom - Global Widget

– Add Multiple Fathom Accounts

Connecting multiple Fathom accounts to your MainWP Dashboard is incredibly easy. By simply entering the API token for each Fathom account, you will quickly establish the connection, then map your Child Sites and start monitoring.

This streamlined process empowers you to manage and access your Fathom analytics data for all accounts in one place.

Fathom - Add Account

– Better Control

The Fathom Extension provides a Settings page where you will be able to customize the Display Interval, select either Week or Month options, and fine-tune the Data Refresh Frequency, which can range from one hour up to 24 hours.

This level of control allows you to manage the frequency of stats retrieval, offering flexibility to automate the process or fetch data on demand according to your specific needs.

Fathom - Settings

– Include Stats Inside Reports

By quickly adding Fathom stats to your client reports or emails, you provide your clients with valuable insights and showcase your hard work.

Here’s a list of handy tokens for Fathom Extension that you can use in your reports and client emails.

I believe the Fathom Extension for MainWP makes it super easy to keep an eye on analytics data for multiple Child Sites in one place.

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