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Step 1: Install and Activate the Free MainWP Dashboard Plugin on a New WordPress site


{or search from your wp-admin install plugins page for "MainWP" to auto-install}

Step 2: Install the Free MainWP Child Plugin on your WordPress sites then add those sites to your Dashboard


{or search from your wp-admin install plugins page for "MainWP Child" to auto-install}

Step 3: Set your MainWP Settings

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Step 4: Customize your MainWP Install with Extensions

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What Main-iacs are saying about MainWP

Based on your great review and the others I found here, I signed up for the free plugin and added 5 of my own sites.

I can’t believe how easy it was, and straightforward — bravo to the designers/developers of the plugin!

After testing everything I decided this would turn out to be my best WSO purchase of the year, so I bought the upgrade, and I know I won’t be disappointed once I get all my client sites in there too!

I had to contact Support to find out how to get the upgrade from 5 free to “unlimited” sites to appear on my dashboard (after my payment), and got an immediate response, which solved that straight away. Can’t say enough about this product and the service so far.

I’ve tried a bunch of other services but none can match the simplicity and functionality of this one in my humble opinion, and the sales website is also professional with docs tutorials and videos for just about every question. Excellent! :-)

Woohoo! So happy!

I have started to use the MainWP software to easily update my wordpress sites that I maintain and build. With all the bad bots running and hackers that are currently trying to destroy and take over wordpress based web sites, I have had to implement multi-layer logins and other security features to prevent the sites from being hacked. Logging into the sites takes a lot of time even using a password manager to do the regular updates and with the use of MainWP, it has been a real time saver.

I do recommend the software and also recommend you use the feature of unique ID’s on all installed child sites for added security.

Looking forward to the continued developed of the software.

Stephen Kreyling

MAINWP is very easy to use, intuitive and friendly. The features are incredible especially the security features which a lot of the other competitors seem to fall on. The cloning and back up features are so quick and makes you embarrassed to confess that you manually use to move your sites or used plugins.

For a beta product , I am surprised on how polished it is and how well thought out . I will be maintaining my sites with MAINWP from now on, without a shadow of a doubt.

I’m using this tool for few weeks (first free 5 sites versions and now paid one for 25 sites) and my experiences are next to perfect ones.

Installation was so simple – just an installation of the MainWP central plugin on one of my WP sites (on subdomain it works without any issues).

Adding sites to MainWP is also just a simple plugin installation, usual procedure like for any other WP plug installation.

I was particularly interested in cloning sites as with the current tool I use, this could last in same cases over 1h (backup-dobload backup-delete WP site files-FTP upload-migrate site), but yesterday I was calculating the time needed for cloning some sites with MainWP (after I setup everything needed): it took me 2 clicks and from 10-15 minutes for some sites to 2 minutes for others(depending how big sites are – from 400 MB to 80 MB)!

I jumped into some technical issues/problems (and some questions) at the beginning of the tool usage, and I was not very happy about it, but it is not unexpected when you start to use some software for the first time. However, plugin authors HelpDesk reaction on my incidents/questions reporting (sent through various channels) was responded within MINUTES! I couldn’t believe when I got 1st response after few minutes, but all other responses I also got within minutes which I sent through whole day, in various times).

Let’s be honest: the solution itself still have some improvements areas like additional functionalities to be added (along with the rich current software possibilities), but authors are continuously working on that (at least they answered me so on my question).

You will buy this solution if you need:

  • high functionality WP sites managing tool / largely bug free
  • total control of your web sites managing process (self-hosted)
  • need to maintain larger number of sites under very affordable prices (only 79 USD / per year for unlimited sites, with easy pricing upgrade process!)
  • fantastic (quality and speed) support

…and you have low budget.

Prerequisite for using this tool:
- to have some basic knowledge on WordPress installation and how plugins function (MainWP have a rich textual and video documentation for each function and it is recommended to read it before starting this whole process – you have 5 sites in the Free package fully functional, to try it before buy it)

If you don’t won’t to bother yourself with self hosting/installations/setup by yourself and you have a big budget, you have other non-self hosted solutions (SaaS) like another fantastic tool: ManageWP, but these two software are (according to my opinion) some different stories, aiming to some different customers.

As the bottom line: you have choices, use it wisely, I know I did (according to my needs) :-)

I decided to give the free trial a try. Actually it is quite easy to get started. I had made a small error but that was quickly corrected with support (fast, almost like chat support). The benefits to me became clear straight away. Next day I upgraded and added all 80+ blogs I currently have.

The time to setup and update all blogs was remarkable fast and thorough (didn´t even used the .csv function to load all in). I always try to setup my blogs with basic protection in place. After adding all blogs in the dashboard I found I missed several security functions on 10% on my blogs, specially if I had multiple blogs installed on same domain.

Just the basic dashboard functionality and security checks on all my blogs is worth the purchase price. The backup and cloning function is making this purchase a no-brainer.

I haven´t had time to check the more advance features, neither the free extensions.

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