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Did you know MainWP can install updates for you automatically

  If you want MainWP dashboard to update Plugins and/or Themes automatically for you, you need to enable the Auto Updates feature and to mark plugins (themes) you trust to be automatically updated. Enabling Auto Updates Feature To enable auto updates, go to: MainWP> Settings> Global option tab and locate the Upgrade options box: In Automatic daily update box choose Install Trusted Updates option and click the Save Settings button in the bottom of the page. Marking Plugins (Themes) as trusted [box]Setting a Plugin or Theme as Trusted means that YOU trust this plugin/theme and its developer and are choosing

Switch Updates View Mode

By default updates in the MainWP Dashboard appear in a per plugin view. This means that if you list all your available updates in the right now widget the list will show all your plugins with available updates. You can switch this view and show the updates per site if you prefer. To do this , go to the MainWP > Settings > Global options tab, locked the Upgrade options box and set the View upgrades per site to YES: After switching the view mode your widget will look like this: Updates are now listed per site. Choose the best

Toggle option boxes-Don’t miss any features

Purpose of the toggle option is to clean your working environment by hiding unused options, but this can also hide some important options so you need to be careful when searching for needed settings. Since some of MainWP option boxes can be collapsed, sometimes it is easy to miss provided features. For example, on Extensions page you have Bulk Install and Activate Extensions option: After you click Bulk Install and Activate Extensions toggle handle, new options will appear: Many of our extensions add their settings options on the Site Edit page. Usually, those option boxes can be collapsed and settings

MainWP Favorites Extension

No more searching around or trying to remember the name of all the plugins and themes that you use on a regular basis! The MainWP Favorites Extension allows you to store frequently used plugins and themes for quick and easy installation on a site.  In addition, since those favorites are stored locally on your Dashboard and DOES NOT use the Favorites API so your privacy is maintained. The Favorites Extension even allows you to group your plugins and themes based on any criteria you want. Say that you use a different set of plugins or a different theme for sites

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