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MainWP Favorites Extension


No more searching around or trying to remember the name of all the plugins and themes that you use on a regular basis!

The MainWP Favorites Extension allows you to store frequently used plugins and themes for quick and easy installation on a site.  In addition, since those favorites are stored locally on your Dashboard and DOES NOT use the Favorites API so your privacy is maintained.

The Favorites Extension even allows you to group your plugins and themes based on any criteria you want. Say that you use a different set of plugins or a different theme for sites in the “Blue Widget” niche compared to your sites in the “Yellow Widget” niche you can set your Favorite Groups to easily install the correct plugins for the correct niche.

See It In Action

  • Speed up installing process – Always have latest versions of your favorite plugins and themes ready for installation on your child sites.
  • Keep your Plugins and Themes prepared – Store favorite theme and plugins on your local server. Forget about searching for them again.
  • Install a whole group at once – Organize theme and plugins in groups and install them at once, not one by one.
  • Quick Setup Process – Add plugin and themes in favorites at any point, while installing them on child or upload them manually.



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For support visit the extension documentation page.


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