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Sebastian Moran

Handy Wordfence Constants

Wordfence is a commonly used plugin for site security that has a free version and a premium version. Wordfence includes a number of constants that can be added to the site’s wp-config.php file to turn off specific features and change some of the defaults. MainWP has an easy-to-use code snippets plugin that will allow you to save these constants to any of the connected child sites into the child sites wp-config.php file. The Wordfence scan results page will show up to 100 results by default this can be increased or decreased by using the following constant and setting the value

Clean Your Child Site of Spam Comments
MainWP Extensions
Sebastian Moran

How to Clean Your Child Site of Spam Comments

If you have a child site which has post content and comments enabled, it is a fact of life that you will inevitably deal with spam comments. Luckily, there are a number of ways to deal with spam. Some of the plugin options include Akismet and  Antispam Bee. Antispam Bee Antispam Bee will add a setting section under Settings > Antispam Bee You can find more information about Antispam Bee on their docs. There is a bulk setting key for Antispam Bee, which also means the number of days until existing spam is deleted can be easily set, using the

Testing WooCommerce Updates
MainWP Extensions
Sebastian Moran

Using the MainWP Staging Extension for Testing WooCommerce Updates

With the breaking changes for WooCommerce if running versions earlier than 3.5.x due to WordPress 5.x release, now is the time to create a staging site. A staging site can be used to test the active theme updates, the WooCommerce-related plugins, and the WooCommerce plugin. Creating a staging site allows you to test plugin updates without having to cause issues on the live child site. In the case of child sites using WooCommerce for e-commerce, this can mean a live site going down and causing a loss in revenue. The old mantra rings true for WooCommerce: Update on staging Test

MainWP Extensions
Sebastian Moran

How and why you would want to use the MainWP Code Snippets Extension on your MainWP Dashboard

Code snippet is a small block of code which can be used to alter or make a change to a plugin function or to extend a plugin. For example, I would like additional fields to show for a customer on checkout, and I am using WooCommerce on a site. WordPress can be modified and improved in a number of ways by using code snippets on your connected child sites. The MainWP Code Snippets Extension for your MainWP Dashboard site is a way to execute code that would normally be in the form of updating the active themes functions.php file, or

MainWP Extensions
Sebastian Moran

Using the Bulk Settings Manager extension on your MainWP Dashboard

First, you will need to install the Bulk Settings Manager extension on your MainWP Dashboard site. If you are not sure how to do that, here are some helpful documents: Order MainWP Extensions Install MainWP Extensions Activate MainWP Extensions MainWP Bulk Settings Manager Extension MainWP Key Maker Something you may be asking is, now that you have the Bulk Settings Manager installed on your MainWP Dashboard site, how do you go about creating a new key for being able to make common changes or change settings on your child sites? On the MainWP Dashboard site or a site that you have

MainWP Extensions
Dennis Dornon

Get Bulk Settings Manager for a Social Share

Our most powerful and useful Extensions is the Bulk Settings Manager.  I don’t say that lightly this Extension literally allows you to copy the settings from any plugin or theme and send those settings to any and all of your Child sites! “Does this mean I can now control the settings of any of my plugins or themes on any of my Child sites from my MainWP Dashboard?” “Yes it does! “ Edit: The Free with Social Share promotion ended in September 2016 Let’s take 2 scenarios you are likely to come across on a day to day basis while

Introducing the Bulk Settings Manager Extension

Our most exciting Extension release ever!   At MainWP innovation is in our DNA and we have brought many innovations to WordPress Management sphere including: The first and still only fully open source WordPress Management system The first and still only WordPress manager dashboard that can be run directly from WordPress The only system with a full API allowing users to customize the system as much as they want. And today I am proud to announce that the tradition continues with the all new and first of it’s kind Bulk Settings Manager Extension! What is the Bulk Settings Manager Extension?

MainWP Extensions Update – October 24 2014

Extension Updates Last Week This week we updated the following Extension: WordFence Extension Version 0.0.3 Fixed: Bug for extension showing a white screen after activation Boilerplate Version 1.8 Added: Additional Plugin Info Post Dripper Version 0.7 Added: Additional Plugin Info

MainWP Extensions Update – October 3 2014

Extension Updates this Week This week we updated the following Extensions: Wordfence Extension Version 0.0.2 Added: Network Live Traffic feature Added: Support for Premium (paid) Wordfence features Added: Block/Unblock IP across entire MainWP network feature Changed: Licence options, updated to allow to add different API keys to child sites Updated: CSS and layout Client Reports Version 0.0.4 Fixed: [plugin.current.version] and [theme.current.version] tokens Google Analytics Extension Version 0.0.8 Added: Auto assign child site feature Fixed: Issue with tokens for the Client Reports extension Sucuri Extension Version 0.0.7 Tweaked: Notification email template format

MainWP Extensions Update – Sept 25 2014

Extension Updates this Week This week we updated the following Extensions:Branding Extension Version 0.0.5 Added: Reset Button Added: Hide Nag Updates feature Added: Hide Screen Options feature Added: Hide Help Box feature Added: Hide Post Meta Boxes features Added: Hide Page Meta Boxes feature Added: Additional Plugin info Added: Toggle functionality to all option boxes (with remembering the opened/closed state) Updated: CSS/HTML Layout Updated: Options tooltips Fixed: 1 PHP Warning Fixed: Child plugin options not completely hidden Client Reports Version 0.0.4 Added: WooCommerce Status tokens Added: Advanced Uptime Monitor tokens Added: Un-Archive feature Fixed: Extension automatically archiving scheduled reports Advanced

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