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Konstantin S.

MainWP is a WordPress multisite management tool that totally fits my needs.

As a developer I am very concerned with security and flexibility. MainWP is a plugin that you can run on your system directly from within WordPress. It’s source code is open and you can easily understand, adapt, enhance or modify what it does. With MainWP you are totally in control.

Another advantage is the fair pricing model: Most of the other multisite tools get more expensive as you grow while some features still remain premium upgrades. MainWP on the other side offers the most for a reasonable price and even the free version has a lot of useful functionality. Several extensions are totally free as well.

Given the fair pricing model and the fact that MainWP simply is the most adaptable multisite management tool, it’s my number 1 choice and I totally recommend it. I use it for more than 5 years now and it was the best decision ever.

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