Mike Jandreau

We manage a few hundred sites on a daily basis, most of them built in WordPress. Having to go into the Admin of each site every single day to look for updates would be literally impossible.

With MainWP, that’s no longer a need. One dashboard with scheduled checks and a single person to go in, click an update button, and then have MainWP tell you if there’s a problem with any of the sites that were updated? Priceless.

I can’t even do the math on how much time MainWP saves us every single day (multiple times a day, now, thanks to how easy it is to use MainWP).

All of the extensions make it super easy to do so many things, too. Backups. Branding. Posting. Broken link checking. Bulk settings changes. Adding code to functions.php. So so many more.

If you manage even more than 1 WordPress website, do yourself a favor and buy MainWP. You’ll thank yourself (and the folks who make it) a million times over!

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