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In the past couple of years, I have found myself watching, participating, and presenting in virtual summits. Sometimes I find them incredibly rewarding.

For example, this past weekend, I watched some of Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions. I had the honor of listening to Ramit Sethi, John Lee Dumas, Selena herself, and Laura Belgray.

I mean, I have never seen them in person, and this might be the best opportunity I have had to see them. Maybe one day, I will make it to an “in real life” conference to hear one of them speak in person.

I have attended two WordCamps thus far and would like to add more to my list in the near future.

COVID, of course, changed everything this year. In-person conferences have been canceled or changed to virtual.

Anchen le Roux
Anchen le Roux

What does it take to pull off a summit? I’m not quite sure, but I am glad some are giving a try, or we might not have anything in 2020.

Enter Nathan Wrigley, Anchen le Roux, and Jan Koch. Between the three, we will have two summits in the first two weeks of October. Today we are going to learn more about the Page Builder Summit and the WP Agency Summit.

Page Builders Summit

Page Builder Summit
Page Builder Summit

Hosted by Anchen le Roux and Nathan Wrigley, the Page Builder Summit comes with 35 experts who talk about using page builders to create websites faster and better.

The virtual event takes place October 5-9, 2020. Tickets are free.

You can upgrade to the Power Pack, which gives you access to the content without the hurry of finishing the same week. Additionally, the Power Pack offers $1297 of bonuses.

Attendees to see a schedule of events on this page

There are many great topics, including Matt Medeiros’ “The future of page builders in a Gutenberg world.”

The summit speakers are a who’s who in the WordPress world. Speakers like Matt Medeiros, Jennifer Bourn, Robby McCullough of Beaver Builder, Mary Job, Elijah Mills from Oxygen, Joe Casabona, Tom Usborne of GeneratePress, Arindo Duque from NextPress, Davinder Singh Kainth of WP Weekly, Bradley Kirby of Wallace Inline, Beth Livingston of WP Project Manager’s’s Academy, and many many more guests.

Speakers page

About the summit, host Anchen le Roux said by email,

The Page Builder Summit is a free event with 35 industry experts helping you build better websites faster.

It is unique in the way that it focuses on Page Builders and how page builders can help you improve your processes, making you more efficient, more profitable, and ensuring you delight your client every project.

We have an extraordinary line up of speakers, each bringing their distinctive expertise to the table as leaders in their field.

We’re also eternally grateful for our awesome sponsors. Without them, this event would not have been possible.

Several vendors have signed up to sponsor the event, including MainWP.

You can learn more about the summit via the homepage.

WP Agency Summit

For the second year in a row, Jan Koch is holding his virtual WP Agency Summit. The first one was also virtual shortly before COVID forced everything to be virtual.

“Go behind the scenes with 25+ world-class agency owners and WordPress thought leaders and meet new friends in our virtual networking lounge.”

Koch has done a great job of rounding up some of the most respected agencies and business owners in the WordPress space.

The summit takes place in the second week of October, the 12th – 16th, 2020.

Koch told me by email,

The 2020 WP Agency Summit is the follow-up to one of the biggest events in the WP space in 2019.

This year, it features even more WordPress experts and agency owners who share their best knowledge and actionable strategies on scaling businesses who use WordPress to build sites and platforms.

With the help of fantastic sponsors, I’ve been able to bring together thought leaders on sales, marketing, web design, development, and management – literally covering every aspect of running a successful and profitable agency.

I’m hoping that attendees, speakers, and sponsors will take advantage of the various virtual networking areas to make new friends, form partnerships, and learn together.

Like last year, the entire event is free to attend. It starts on October 12th and registration has already opened at”

Some of the featured speakers include Marieke Van De Rakt of Yoast, Agnes Talalaev from WebARX, Birgit Pauli-Haack of Gutenberg Times, Miriam Schwab of Strattic, Bridget Willard, Adam Silver from, Alicia St. Rose, Robert Jacobi, Lee Matthew Jackson, Yvette Sonneveld and many many more.

Attendees can register for the summit at the homepage Tickets are free, and there is an opportunity to upgrade to lifetime access to the content.

Wrapping it up

I had the privilege of participating in the WP Agency Summit last year and have the honor again this year. I am looking forward to that.

I am also happy to join the Page Builder Summit. I actually had a Zoom conversation with Anchen just a few weeks ago. We are in a freelancers networking group and were assigned to visit.

I have known Jan and Nathan for a long time and consider them both friends.

I like these opportunities that we have with these two summits. I hope you will join me in getting a free ticket to both events.

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