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Jan Koch launches the WP Agency Summit to help agency owners scale their business

WP Agency Summit

It’s that time of year. The time of year where we tend to lose focus, and we start to lose motivation to do work. For those of us in the United States, we are stuffed.

We will now give ourselves permission to listen to Christmas music and think about the parties that come with the holidays.

Before you give up all hope to work, don’t forget we still have a month left! And today, I am going to offer up some events you need to mark on your calendar, including the WP Agency Summit.

So, saddle up, my friend. Let’s ride.

WP Agency Summit launches next week

With 2020 just around the corner, many of us are thinking about how we can grow our business.

Oh, what am I saying? We all are thinking about growing our business always!

Jan Koch has helped us get a jump on doing just that, growing our business.

He took on a massive undertaking by deciding to create the WP Agency Summit, and the speakers are among the who’s who of WordPress professionals.

If you are struggling with a particular area, chances are the summit will address that need.

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Just looking at the landing page, I have no idea how Jan got all these professionals to sign on.

The event kicks off on December 6th and runs through the 16th. This is a time of year when we all are re-evaluating our business. Therefore, the event can be part of your business evaluation process.

Among the speakers you will find:

Troy Dean of WP Elevation. Troy has been a leader in helping WordPress professionals create a more sustainable business.

Michael Killen of Sell Your Service. Michael is an expert funnel builder and who also teaches others to build funnels for their customers. Additionally, Michael has released two books, one of which is about scaling an agency.

Kim Doyal. Kim has been known formerly as The WordPress Chick. These days Kim promotes content marketing ideas and strategies and runs the popular podcast The Kim Doyal Show.

Sujan Patel. Patel has started several businesses, including Mailshake, which is a platform for email outreach campaigns.

Oliver Slid of WebARX Security. Oliver released WebARX in the last couple of years, and it has already become a staple of digital agencies everywhere. The software portal adds an extra layer of protection to websites at the application level.

Lee Jackson of Agency Trailblazers. Jackson has been helping WordPress agency owners to grow their businesses for several years now. He is also the host of the popular podcast Agency Trailblazers.

Ivica Delic, Owner at FreelancersTools.com. Delic is going to talk about building a raving community using Facebook Groups. Currently, Delic runs several groups with over 200K people.

Koch answered questions for the WP Tavern and Cloudways regarding the summit.

WP Agency Summit Kicks Off December 6 – WP Tavern

“My Goal is to Pull Off One Summit Per Quarter,” Says Jan Koch About WP Agency Summit 2020 – Cloudways

Black Friday Deals

It’s that time of year where we are all looking for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Smart Web Creators and WP Builds provide two of the best pages in our industry.

Smart Web Creators launched their page earlier this month, and it has multiple deals for multiple areas of business.

The site has nine different categories for deals, including various tools, courses, hosting, domains, membership course plugins, plugins for SEO, site care, optimization, page builders, themes, and much more.

You will find the same kinds of deals over at WP Builds. The website by the popular podcast has a plethora of great deals in the WordPress ecosystem ranging from lifetime deals to 20% off.

If you can’t find the deal you need from one of these two pages, you may have a hard time finding it. WP Builds and Smart Web Creators have two of the most exhaustive lists available.

Smart Web Creators Black Friday Deals

WP Builds Black Friday  Cyber Monday Page


WaaS Camp logo
WaaS Camp logo

WaaS Camp Launches Friday

Do you run a Website as a Service company? Michael Short from the WaaS Pro is launching his training course he calls Waas Camp.

The course is centered around three main tasks, Planning your WaaS, Publishing your WaaS, and Promoting your WaaS.

The course will also offer advanced training for all premium WaaS.Pro plugins. Short is also planning several different Camp Extras addressing things like email marketing, funnel building, SEO, split testing, and much more.

WaaS.Camp will also include workbooks, swipe files, and checklists and provide a community with other WaaS business owners for support.

The course kicks off on Friday, November 29.

Learn more about Waas.Camp on the website.

Wrapping it up

Don’t forget you still have a month left to make things count. Why not spend some of that time learning to build a better business at the WP Agency Summit?

The summit has a strong connection to the MainWP community. Ivica Delic is one of the speakers of the WP Agency Summit as well as myself.  The summit runs online for free from December 6-16.

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