Q & A with Ivica Delic from MainWP Users Facebook Group

Q & A with Ivica Delic

Twice Ivica Delic has made a WordPress influencer list. Last year, in an article by Torque magazine, he was listed as one of the Top 100 Influencers in WordPress. ThemeFuse published an article which listed him among WordPress Influencers You Should Follow.

With this kind of recognition, you tend to get asked your thoughts on important topics. Such is the case in an article by Cloudways asking WordPress influencers their thoughts on the future versions of WordPress.

What does the Croatian WordPress professional have to do with the MainWP community? Delic is the guy who runs the MainWP Facebook Group page. In fact, he also runs the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group.

Delic runs FreelancerTools.com as well as Studio Zona, a creative agency in Croatia. Recently, the MainWP users Facebook group reached a milestone when it reached 1500 members. His influence is deep and wide in the WordPress community, especially for MainWP users.

Earlier this year while doing research on page builders, I came across a picture and quote from Ivica at the Motopress website.

Ivica Delic recommends Motopress
Ivica Delic recommends Motopress

Recently I sent a few questions to Ivica so that we could learn a little more about him and his relationship with WordPress.

Q & A with Ivica Delic

How did you get started with WordPress?

One of my acquaintances requested me to create a Facebook business page in 2011. After a few months he was using it he was so pleased with the business results that he invited me to create a website for his family business. As I am not a coder/programmer I was searching the Internet for appropriate CMS for his business. After I found and read information about WordPress – I immediately fell in love with it and made him a site! The rest is history ?

What made you to decide to start the Facebook groups?

I found several very useful Facebook groups by accident and many knowledgable people over there helped me a lot with some of the WordPress issues I had. Therefore, I wanted to give back some of that help to the Community by creating some missing useful WordPress groups and helping in admining many other groups.

What has been your biggest challenge as a WordPress professional?

To find genuine and honest clients.

What do you most like to do as a WordPress professional?

I like to train people how to use WordPress in the efficient way and help freelancers in cutting their business costs.

What are your top three pieces of advice for other entrepreneurs?

  1. Pick up an area you wanna work in where you have passion for it and simply enjoy doing it – otherwise, you could give up pretty fast.
  2. Assemble a good and reliable team as you can’t do it all by yourself – well, at least, you can’t do it with high-quality output.
  3. Start business activities at some point of time, no matter how much you think it isn’t perfect, otherwise you will procrastinate forever and never start doing it.

What kind of tools/apps do you use in order to keep yourself on pace?

I utilize many tools/applications for various tasks & platforms. We are currently putting together all the helpful freelancers tools on our website: www.freelancerstools.com, nicely categorized and searchable, but that needs a lot of time as there are really a lot of useful tools out there. Maybe to list here only the most used WordPress plugins on sites we build:

  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/mainwp-child/
  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/vulnerability-alerts/
  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/gotmls/
  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/aryo-activity-log/
  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-wp-security-and-firewall/
  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/stopbadbots/
  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/heartbeat-control/
  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-user-avatar/
  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/tinymce-advanced/
  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/
  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/sassy-social-share/
  • https://wp-rocket.me/

What do you love about WordPress?

The fact that even non-coders all by themselves can create beautiful websites full of additional features.

I also like the WordPress plugins concept where you can extend so much out-of-the-box powerful CMS website building platform.

However, I simply adore the WordPress Community who is so non-selfishly helping WordPress users. This open source spirit is simply amazing and so inspiring to all of us working with WordPress!

Wrapping it up

I want to thank Ivica for taking the time to answer these questions so that we can learn a little more about the man who runs our Facebook group and is considered one of the top 100 WordPress influencers.

Who has helped you along in your WordPress career? Have you had some similar experiences as Ivica? Let us know

You can follow Ivica on the internet at:



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