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What is New in Advanced Uptime Monitor 3.0

Advanced Uptime Monitor 3.0 is out. This version contains a few interesting improvements and a few issues fixes. That is not all, Extension went through a cleaning and refactoring process in order to improve the user experience. New Features Add New Monitor form has been updated. Along with the design changes, Monitor Interval option has been added, so users can set monitor interval from the Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension. This option has been added to the Edit Monitor form also, so this can be changed at any time. In the Uptime Robot settings section, Timezone display has been added so

2015 MainWP Recap and Important Extension Pricing Changes

2015 so far … 2015, has been an awesome year so far for MainWP: Launched 8 brand new Extensions Released 152 Extension updates Committed 28 version updates of the MainWP Dashboard Hired 2 new team members Answered 3289 support tickets with a 93% awesome rating Surpassed 10,000 Extension customers Gave back to the community and sponsored 7 WordCamps Everything considered MainWP is looking very healthy and poised to move forward and we owe all the thanks to you, without members like you we would not of have had our awesome year of growth. In 2016, we will continue to innovate,

Database Upgrades after Automatic Update

Today WordPress released 4.3.1 a security and maintenance update that should of been automatically updated on most of your Child sites.  You can check the Announcement post or release notes for more details on what is contained in this new version. We noticed with this version about 30% of our testing sites were returning the database upgrade required message “WordPress has been updated! Before we can send you on your way, what have to update your database to the newest version” How to verify your database is updated or update it if needed In order for us to update those

Update to MainWP Security Issue September 7 2015

It’s been about 24 hours since our last announcement and about 48 hours since the first report of any issues (Check here for the original post) . Where things currently stand: So far we have only see Child sites running version 2.0.26 or lower affected. The first report came in about 4 days after the release of the security fix and still only affects un-updated sites. Update: Septemeber 9th We have found that the malicious file makes it look like you are running MainWP Child 2.0.27 even if you are on a lower version so be sure you are running

MainWP Security Update September 7 2015

Please check this post for additional information as of September 8th 2015! This is something we have been tracking today and we currently have reports from 5 users about someone targeting MainWP users using versions of the MainWP Child Plugin older than 2.0.27. On each site, we were able to check, an older version of the Child Plugin was being used. Using this exploit the person is able to gain full access to your Child sites.   If you updated last week to the current version you should be fine but we added a simple test and cleanup into the

MainWP begins integrating the most popular backup plugins

The History of MainWP Backups When we first started on the journey that has become MainWP, we didn’t even have a backups section in the plugin. It wasn’t until it was suggested by a few users in the Beta that we even thought of adding it. As first time Plugin developers we jumped at the chance to add something “cool” to the plugin without fully vetting the idea and to this day that decision has eaten up more development and support time than I care to admit. We have spent so much of our resources on backup development and backup

MainWP Critical Child Security Update

MainWP Child contains a critical security update, and you should update all your Child sites as soon as possible. You can update all your Child sites directly through your MainWP dashboard (be sure to Sync your sites to see the available update), or download the MainWP Child manually here. Yesterday we were contacted by the Sucuri Labs team regarding a vulnerability that would allow attackers to log into any account without requiring the password as long as they know the accounts username. Fortunately, we have no reports of the vulnerability being used in the wild. However, now that this update is

Important: MainWP Security Release

Important Security Update Please Update your MainWP Child Plugins to 2.03 Earlier today we were notified through our White Hat Reward program of a potential security issue.  We are not currently releasing the details of the issue until users have a chance to upgrade their Child plugins. Quickly Update all your Child Plugins If you want to quickly upgrade only your MainWP Child you can change your Dashboard from showing upgrades per site to updates per Plugin. This will allow you to easily see all sites that need the MainWP Child upgrade.

MainWP Introduces The Bundle and Lifetime Licenses

Introducing “The Bundle” from MainWP We now have almost 30 Extensions and ever since the second MainWP Extension was released users have requested the ability to purchase all Extensions at one price. With “The Bundle” that is now possible!  With the purchase of “The Bundle” you not only get all the MainWP Extensions currently released but also all future MainWP Extension each with a lifetime license for a very limited time introductory price of $399. But what about the Extensions you already bought? We love our customers and appreciate everything you have invested in us so, for the next two months

MainWP 2.0 Released

MainWP 2.0 released We are excited to release the all new MainWP 2.0, focused largely on backups and overall Dashboard usability. With almost 3 months of development and 1000’s of lines of code changes this release is our most extensive and exciting update. MainWP 2.0 by the numbers 82 Days in development Over 100 active beta testers (testers with at least 1 report) The Dashboard plugin had 77 files changed with 7,037 lines added or modified The Child Plugin had 19 files changed with 2,924 lines added or modified 4 all new Archive Types for backups One of the bigger changes in this update is that Instead of only being able to backup in Zip format, which some servers

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