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Introducing Atarim Inside MainWP & Vice Versa

Atarim & MainWP Partnership Announcement

Being an agency, developer, and freelancer, how do you handle the entire process of design changes suggested by your clients? Do you get feedback from clients via emails, WhatsApp, etc., and create a list of tasks that still may have ambiguity?

How about adding a tool to your workflow where you can visually collaborate with your clients on their websites by putting post-it note-like requests on the page, which are neatly organized?

That’s where Atarim comes in handy!

📢 Today, I’m happy to announce the perfect combination for managing your clients’ websites on both front-end & back-end using Atarim inside your MainWP Dashboard and vice versa.

What is Atarim?

Atarim is a tool for collaborating with your clients to get design feedback.

You just need to add your client’s domain to Atarim Dashboard, send them the Atarim-generated URL, and they’ll add suggestions on their website elements like buttons, text, etc., as shown below.

Visual Collaboration on Design

Atarim then organizes all the tasks and keeps track of each task.

Why Atarim + MainWP?

No matter which dashboard you are in, whether MainWP or Atarim, you will always be up to date with your websites.

MainWP Dashboard with Atarim

MainWP & Atarim Integration - 1 Click Collaboration

“Managing multiple websites and collaborating is the most challenging aspect of running an agency. We at MainWP and Atarim have experienced it firsthand, and we both know how time-consuming it can be.

Our partnership will enable Agencies to save time on maintaining plugins, themes, monitoring, etc., and improve collaboration workflow with your clients.

I’m sure this partnership would be a game changer in the website maintenance business by providing better options to both agencies and their clients.”

Dennis Dornon - MainWP - 70x70

~ Dennis Dornon, Co-Founder of MainWP

Atarim Dashboard with MainWP

MainWP & Atarim Integration - Website Screen

“I’ve been wrangling WordPress for more than 13 years, delivering more than 800 websites to clients making sure that sites are properly updated and maintained.

The more we served bigger clients, the more critical privacy became, especially here in the UK.

MainWP checks all the boxes. It is very easy to use, and the support is second to none. I recommend it to anyone with more than one WordPress site.”

Vito Peleg - Atarim

~ Vito Peleg, Co-Founder of

We believe this partnership will ensure that your client’s websites are fully updated & functional while visually collaborating with your clients.

MainWP & Atarim Integration - Tasks Widget

The best part is that you can include task information from Atarim inside your MainWP Reports.

MainWP Atarim Integration Export Client Reports

How Does The Integration Work?

Here are a few steps.

  • You will need to install Atarim Extension on your MainWP Dashboard. After that, navigate to Extensions -> Atarim -> MainWP Atarim Extension and enter the Atarim API Key.
  • You will also need an Atarim Agency Dashboard account, which you can register for here. (you can also sign up for an account by going through the collaborate link inside your MainWP Dashboard)
  • REST API must be enabled on MainWP to connect your Atarim Agency Dashboard to your MainWP Dashboard.
  • You do not need to install anything on your child(s) sites.

Some Useful Links

I hope this partnership will help you better collaborate with your clients.

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