The Atarim Extension for MainWP expands your ability to collaborate with your clients through your MainWP Dashboard. Get a complete overview of tasks that have been created inside your websites using Atarim to keep track of all your client requests!

Visually Collaborate With Your Clients!

Atarim is a platform where you can visually collaborate with your clients on their websites by putting post-it note-like requests on the page, which are neatly organized in an inbox (or Kanban Board).

MainWP & Atarim Integration - Website Screen

Each request comes with information like screen size, browser, and an automated screenshot of the request creator’s view, making it super easy for you to understand what needs to be done from the first message.

MainWP & Atarim Integration - 1 Click Collaboration

Why The Atarim Plugin for MainWP?

This extension makes it a breeze to stay on top of all requests created via visual collaboration on websites inside your Atarim Agency Dashboard.


Once installed and connected, every request is pulled into a neatly organized list that sits inside your MainWP dashboard, with all the information you need about each one.


Inside this list, you can simply click one button to go straight to a request inside Atarim, enabling you to get to your work fast, with all the information you need to close your requests.

MainWP & Atarim Integration - Tasks Widget

Atarim Extension in Action

Dennis of MainWP & Vito of Atarim did a webinar showing how the MainWP & Atarim works together, discussed the use cases, and why they believe this is a game changer for anyone that manages multiple WordPress websites like YOU! 👇

YouTube video

Features Overview

Every feature inside the Atarim plugin has been made with your specific use case: cutting out endless back and forth, stopping client procrastination, and giving you everything you need to do your job.

  • Website Vitals: Display your website vitals inside your Atarim Dashboard to see if websites have any updates, the status, and security vulnerabilities, ensuring you are always up to date on both the back-end and front-end of your sites regardless of which dashboard you are on.
  • Task List: Display all requests made via visual collaboration in Atarim into a list inside your MainWP Dashboard, making it super easy to stay on top of your work and impress your clients.
  • One Click To Requests: Simply click one button to go straight to where a task is inside Atarim, getting you to your work way quicker than other traditional forms of client communications (emails, phone, Zoom…)
  • Reports: Using the MainWP Pro Reports Extension, task lists and time entries will be included in your generated reports. Giving your clients even more vital information about their website.

Coming Soon

  • ✅ Autologin: Automatically login to your MainWP Dashboard through the website screen inside your Atarim Agency Dashboard.


  • You will need to install this Atarim Extension on your MainWP Dashboard. After that, navigate to Extensions -> Atarim -> MainWP Atarim Extension and enter the Atarim API Key.
  • You will also need an Atarim Agency Dashboard account, which you can register for here. (you can also sign up for an account by going through the collaborate link inside your MainWP Dashboard)
  • REST API must be enabled on MainWP to connect your Atarim Agency Dashboard to your MainWP Dashboard.
  • You do not need to install anything on your child(s) sites.

Some Useful Links

If you have any questions or need support, you can reach out to the Atarim Support team by emailing or using their live chat inside the Atarim Agency Dashboard in the bottom right of the screen.


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