Introducing MainWP 4.3 💪 Intuitive UI & Client Management

Introducing MainWP 4.3

We firmly believe there are three main reasons why 600k+ WordPress websites are being managed using MainWP.

  1. Open Source & Self-hosted, ensuring your and your clients’ privacy.
  2. Support is Make or Break!
  3. Innovate, Innovate, Innovate…

Earlier this year, we released MainWP 4.2, which highly focused on privacy updates for us, you, and your clients.

💪 Since then, our team has been working on MainWP 4.3, a relatively big release that includes many UI/UX improvements, added features such as client management, fixes, a new and intuitive way of managing plugins, themes, updates, and a lot more.

📢 Today, I am happy to announce that the MainWP 4.3 has been released!

YouTube video

Here’s a glimpse of some MainWP 4.3 features:

  1. Client Management System: Organizing your clients is now easier than ever. Create profiles of your clients, add tags, assign Child Sites, Suspend clients, and more.

    Manage Clients

    Learn how to easily manage your clients.

New Client Management

Add New Client


  1. New Default Theme: A more appealing color palette for your MainWP Dashboard, which you can easily customize the way you want.

    Customize a Theme

    Learn how you can easily customize a theme.

New Default Theme


  1. Switch Theme: Easily switch to the Dark mode or pre-built themes directly from the top-right of your MainWP Dashboard.

    Switch Theme

    Learn how to switch the theme of your MainWP Dashboard.

Dark Mode


  1. Grid/List View: 1-Click switch to Grid or List view on the Manage Sites screen.

    Grid or List View

    Learn how you can easily switch to Grid or List view.

Grid / List View


Grid View


  1. Tags: Groups are now tags. Assign tags to Child Sites, filter sites via tags, and more.

    MainWP Tags

    Learn how you can easily create & manage Tags.

MainWP Tags


  1. Plugin & Theme Icons: Now, you will see plugins and theme icons to recognize them visually.

Plugin / Theme Icons


  1. Extension Label: FREE, PRO, and ORG labels in the list of available extensions to differentiate them better.

Free, Pro, ORG, Extensions


  1. Install Extensions: You can install the available MainWP Extensions directly from the repository.

    Install Extensions

    Easily install Extensions directly from the Extensions page.

Install from


  1. Extensions Page: Ability to Enable, Disable, and Delete extensions from the Extensions page.

    Extensions Page

    Learn how to easily manage extensions.

Enable Disable Extensions


  1. Non-MainWP Changes: Your MainWP Dashboard can now detect changes made outside the MainWP Dashboard.

    Detect Non-MainWP Changes

    Easily track changes outside the MainWP Dashboard

Non-MainWP Changes


Besides that, we also revamped the way of managing plugins, themes, and Child Sites by flipping items to Vertical instead of the long horizontal scrollbar.

Easy Management

Learn how to easily manage themes & plugins.

Horizontal to Vertical Layout


Have a look at the complete Changelog.

How Can I Test MainWP 4.3?

  1. Update your MainWP Child plugin(s) to the latest version.
  2. Update your MainWP Dashboard plugin to the latest version.

Useful Links to Getting Started

If you have a question about anything, feel free to ask in the MainWP Community.

Thanks for choosing and trusting MainWP!

2 thoughts on “Introducing MainWP 4.3 💪 Intuitive UI & Client Management”

  1. Looking really good – love the new design and the possiblities 🙂

    However, It would still be nice to have a “copy – paste” function for adding new child sites.
    1) Install the MainWP plugin on the child site and hit the copy button
    2) Enter MainWP Dashboard. click on “Add new” and use Ctrl+V or click on a paste button.
    3) DONE 🙂

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