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Keith Crain joins the MainWP support staff!

Welcome Keith Crain

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We take support very seriously, and it’s not too often we allow someone new to interact with MainWP users directly. If fact, we take working with MainWP users so seriously that it’s been over three years since we hired our last direct response person, Sanja Tosanovic.

Some of you may have already interacted with Keith as we both ran each other through a trial to be sure it was a good fit. Keith’s stats show him handling over 220 responses with 100% resolution, with less than a 1 hour average response time, in just less than a month.

Those are stats that would make any software owner proud, so; it is with great pride. I welcome Keith Crain to the MainWP support staff.

MainWP Support Coverage

Keith will be working the opposite schedule of Sanja, boosting our live support coverage from 6 hours to just over 12.

MainWP and Keith

Keith has been a MainWP user since January 2016 and caught our eye earlier this year by providing in-depth support in the MainWP User Facebook Group.

His assistance in the User Group allowed me to make him one of our two inaugural MainWP Experts, listed under KronosLabs.

As MainWP version 4 has continued to increase the number of users joining us, it became apparent that we needed someone other then Sanja and Bogdan at the support helm. My first thought was to ask Keith if he wanted to join us and he was happy to help.

More about Keith

MainWP support isn’t the only thing Keith does. His primary job is running his own company KronosLabs.io which provides WordPress Support along with Design and Development.

Please, everyone, take a moment and say hello to our newest member of the MainWP staff, Keith Crain!

9 thoughts on “Keith Crain joins the MainWP support staff!”

  1. Couldn’t bring on a better man! Integrity and skill all in one! Congrats to all of u and best wishes for a successful collaboration!

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