Using Zeus WordPress Admin Plugin to cleanup Admin Menus on your Child Site

The wp-admin can be a mess, due to the number of admin menus plugins will add, as well as certain menus and settings you may not want clients to view.


One easy way to clean up wp-admin admin menus is to install the Zenu Admin Theme plugin.

After you have installed the plugin on the needed connected child sites, you can then edit which menu items will show from;

Settings > Hide Menu

You can select which menu items you want to hide. Select that menu item, and then hit the save button.

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Other handy features that Zeus Admin Theme includes are an improved admin UI. This makes the wp-admin UI easier to read. The change is subtle, but it does help and makes a noticeable difference.

Another feature the plugin will add is a global admin search. If you click on the search icon in the admin bar, you can search for anything in wp-admin. This is a handy feature to find something in wp-admin, without having to scroll through wp-admin.

The ability to easily clean up up wp-admin for clients on your child sites will help clients find what they need, and access only the parts they need to.

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