Thanksgiving: 7 WordPress entrepreneurs share what they are thankful for


It can be hard to be thankful when you are looking at other people. I mean, think about it. When you are looking at social media posts, and you see how people sell their success, it can cause you to feel left behind.

Laura Belgray talks about this is the sentiment in an article at Business Insider.

“It’s easy to feel behind when you scroll Instagram and see teenage influencers raking in billions from lip gloss, or overhear 20-something tech kids in line at Starbucks, talking about their Tesla collections and early retirements.”

The article by Belgray was published earlier this week. She went on to flip that feeling by focusing on the advantages of hitting success later in life.

She had her best financial year at the age of 50, but she found reasons that this was better to be a “late bloomer.”

So, sometimes, we have to be creative to find what we are thankful for.

Gratitude, it seems, has healing power.

Dr. Lisa Firestone writes at Psychology Today,

“Gratitude is perhaps the most important key to finding success and happiness in the modern day. Knowing what we appreciate in life means knowing who we are, what matters to us and what makes each day worthwhile. Paying attention to what we feel grateful for puts us in a positive frame of mind. It connects us to the world around us and to ourselves. Research demonstrates that focusing on what we are grateful for is a universally rewarding way to feel happier and more fulfilled.”

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But being grateful can be hard. I know. I struggled with thankfulness as I approached this article.

I struggled to find gratitude this year because it hasn’t been smooth. But then again, what year has been smooth.

So I ask, “What are you grateful for?” I will ponder this question going forward.

In the United States, of course, we celebrate Thanksgiving next week.

You may remember that a group of settlers called Pilgrims came over to America in the year 1620, where they settled in Massachusetts. They survived a brutal first winter with the help of Native Americans. To celebrate their anniversary, they held a great feast.

The feast is known as the First Thanksgiving in the United States. Thanksgiving became a national holiday by President Abraham Lincoln

But Thanksgiving is not solely a United States event. Our friends in other parts of the world celebrate Thanksgiving too. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October. It was proclaimed a holiday by the Canadian Parliament in 1957, but the first official Thanksgiving took place in 1879.

While most of the country celebrate Thanksgiving, it appears three provinces do not.

In all, eight countries observe Thanksgiving, including Australia, Grenada, Libera, Netherlands, Philippines, and Saint Lucia, in addition to the US and Canada.

Other countries have similar celebrations with many taking place in the Fall.

Giving thanks for our good fortunes or our blessings is an important part of who we are. So today, we are going to look at some things for which we are thankful.

Seven WordPress business owners have offered to share what they are thankful for. Maybe you can find things you are grateful for hearing what these entrepreneurs are thankful for.

As the year is coming to an end, why not pause and reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives and our business?

Maybe you can find help with your thankfulness in the words of our seven friends.

Ryan Waterbury
Ryan Waterbury

Ryan Waterbury

“I’m thankful for a healthy family, the wonderful support of the open-source community, and to be running my agency full time this year. The freedom to be on your own completely is exhilarating and scary at the same time. Very happy that my family is supportive!”

Ryan Waterbury, Founder, One Dog Solutions

Roelinde Brons
Roelinde Brons

Roelinde Brons

” 1) The way my partner supports me to run my business. With time, motivating, etc.;  2) The trust that clients give. I think being helpful and clear communication is responsible for this; 3) The growth of my business: spending less time, making more revenue. “

Roelinde Brons, Owner,

Jan Koch
Jan Koch

Jan Koch

“I’m thankful for my wife being supportive of my ventures and tolerating my sometimes crazy work schedules.

“I’m also thankful for being a part of a fantastic WP community that surrounds me with people I can always talk to, bounce ideas off, and that support each other.”

Jan Koch, Founder, WP Mastery


Ben Townsend

“I’m incredibly grateful to have established relationships with people in WordPress via twitter. Also thankful to Birgit of Gutenberg Times for the live Q&A, I took part in. And of course, grateful to Michelle over at WPCoffeeTalk for the interview she did.”

Ben Townsend, Marketing Manager, Lyrwp

Robert Cairns
Robert Cairns

Robert Cairns

” 1) My family, especially my wife, Jill. Family is everything. 2) My friends and colleagues – they are amazing, and last but not least, 3) Our health – being healthy makes it easier to do stuff and live a good life.”

Robert Cairns, CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas, Stunning Digital Marketing

Rhonda Negard
Rhonda Negard

Rhonda Negard

Community: I’ve been looking for “my community” of creatives who are really wanting to stretch and grow. After years of not having such a community to encourage and challenge me, I’ve found not one but three–in WordPress, Marie Forleo’s B-School, and Amy Porterfield’s Entrepreneur Experience.

Home: After years of moving around with the military, my husband has retired, and we’ve settled back in Texas, where we have lots of friends and family nearby. 

Myself: I finally feel like I’m discovering myself, my gifts, and the life I’m meant to have–that’s it’s all within reach and within ME to make it happen.”

Rhonda Negard, Alpha Dog, Fat Dog Creatives

Angela Bowman
Angela Bowman

Angela Bowman

“I am grateful that I got to travel in Japan and see beautiful temples and shrines, eat amazing food, and ride trains. I’m grateful to have connected with Amy Masson and Tracy Apps to create the Women in WP podcast. Interviewing women from around the world has opened my mind to so many possibilities. I’m grateful for my family and friends who helped me through a health crisis and made me realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by so much love and caring.”

Angela Bowman, Owner, Ask WP Girl

Wrapping it up

I suppose that most of us have similar things we are thankful for. There are the usual things such as family and friends. Maybe you had a new experience like Angela did or connected with new friends like Ben.

Dig a little deeper. Look beyond the obvious things you are thankful for. I know I have some work to do.

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