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Using the Koko Analytics Plugin on your Sites

If you need an analytics solution for your site that does not cause performance issues and is self-hosted there is a new plugin called Koko Analytics. Some cool things about Koko Analytics it will deal with thousands of site visitors as well as sudden bursts of higher traffic levels, it works with page served from page caching plugins and is GDPR compliant by design.

After the plugin has been installed and active on the site it will add a menu item to;

Dashboard > Analytics

From the Analytics settings, the default will be to go to the settings where you can exclude logged-in users by user roles.

Once the settings have been set then when you click on the analytics menu link it will take you to the stats page which will display site analytics.

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Koko Analytics will also add an admin widget named koko-analytics-dashboard-widget.

The plugin creates four custom database tables;


Koko Analytics is an easy plugin for self-hosted analytics that does not need a lot to set and will work out of the box on plugin activation. One of the cool features built into the plugin is the Built-in blacklist to filter referrer spam.

12 thoughts on “Using the Koko Analytics Plugin on your Sites”

  1. This looks like a great alternative to GA for my purposes. My main question how much space on the hosting server the data would take up over time. Is there a way to offload some or all of it, for example to AWS? Or set retention policies?

    • Hi Nancy,

      The next version of Koko Analytics comes with a feature to delete data older than a certain number of months, but really it should not be an issue for decades unless your website has tens of thousands of pages which are all visited each and every day. If that is not the case, data will not surpass several MB’s per year of data.

      Plugin author of Koko Analytics

  2. How is koko-analytics treating bot-visits?
    How many is it filtering out?
    And what makes it better than “Statify” statistic-plugin?

  3. Are there any plans (or ways) to integrate this into MainWP instead of Google Analytics? Maybe also in the Client Reports?

    • > Are there any plans (or ways) to integrate this into MainWP instead of Google Analytics? Maybe also in the Client Reports?

      THIS would be awesome 🙂

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