Using RunCloud to Host Your Sites using Vultr

Hosting sites can always be hard in knowing which host to use and then how well that host manager or control panel will work. RunCloud is a control panel that you can use on your own servers it works with Vultr, Digital Ocean, UpCloud and Linode to name a few.

RunCloud also gives you easy control over your own servers. In this case, we would recommend using RunCloud with Vultr. Unlike say Cloudways where the Vultr server is wrapped into the cost of using Cloudways, RunCloud lets you use your own servers.

First, you will need to signup for a RunCloud account then verify your email.

Next, you will need to add a server in RunCloud, in this example, we are going to select it as being Vult then you will need to give the server a name and then add the IP of the server.

After you have added a server in RunCloud it will generate a code which will be a script which adds a number of dependencies like MariaDB, Fail2Ban, and NGNIX.

The code will need to run logged in as root using SSH on the server.

Next, you will need to create a web application and select the PHP version you want to use, this should be the most current version.

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The next part is very easy to be able to install WordPress, which can be done from the script installer.

The next step will be to create a database for the WordPress site, select the database name, database user and then generate a password for the database.

When you visit the site domain you will be prompted to add the database name, database user, database password as well as the database host and the database prefix you want to use for the site.

After the database info has been added then you will need to add a site name, pick the username, please do not use admin as the username and then add a secure password for the admin user as well as adding the email address to be used for the admin user, when all of that info has been added WordPress will be installed and you will not be able to login to the newly created WordPress site.

RunCloud now gives you many control from its control panel over your site server. RunCloud offers its own server-side caching called RunCache. If you have existing sites that you want to migrate over to RunCloud then there a number of ways to migrate those over.

Using RunCloud to manage your servers will take a lot of the headaches out of server management.

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