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MainWP is Three Today!

Three years ago today, MainWP was released on becoming the first fully open source WordPress Management plugin available. I believe even after three years my original quote from our first press release stands as true now as it did then: “When we started this we felt there had to be a more economical way for users to be able to control their network of sites then what was currently available. We went down a few different roads in the beginning but everyone at MainWP is very happy that we settled on the open source route. Open Source has allowed

MainWP Facebook Group
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Dennis Dornon

Join the MainWP User Facebook Group

Today I am happy to announce the all new MainWP Users Facebook group. A place for MainWP users to gather and discuss MainWP, WordPress and running multiple WordPress sites. About the Group The MainWP Users group is independent of MainWP and is being administered by Ivica Delic, a longtime MainWP user and active Facebook groups admin. His admin duties include groups such as the WordPress Speed Up Group as well as many others listed in Quality WordPress Groups and I believe he is the correct person to get this group off the ground. The MainWP Users group is a closed

MainWP Roadmaps
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Dennis Dornon

Introducing MainWP Roadmaps

I’m excited to introduce you to our new MainWP roadmaps! We created the roadmaps in an attempt to be open with our vision of MainWP and allow you to comment and add your own ideas of what we should be working on. By using Trello, these new roadmaps will provide a better visual representation of what is happening with the MainWP team and what is being worked on. However, we won’t be adding specific bugs and minor features fixes to the Roadmaps. What about old feature requests? Anyone who has added a feature request to the old feature request system

What if MainWP was sold?
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Dennis Dornon

What if MainWP was sold?

With the announcement on Friday of the sale of ManageWP to GoDaddy (and confirmed today) I have received a fair amount of questions about it and I have also seen MainWP brought up in numerous comments, so I thought it was best to take a moment and address the acquisition and how a sale of a SaaS (Software as a Service) management solution such as ManageWP differs from the sale of a open source stand alone solution such as MainWP. Let me start by saying; I am proud of what Vladimir Prelovac has accomplished with ManageWP and for paving the way for plugins

MainWP Child 3.1.3
Important Updates
Bogdan Rapaic

MainWP Child 3.1.3 Update

Version 3.1.3 introduced one significant change in MainWP Child plugin. The first thing that you will notice is that the MainWP Child plugin is no longer listed in the WP Admin menu as a top level menu item. Starting with this version, MainWP Child plugin can be found in the WP > Settings menu. The reason for moving the MainWP menu to the WordPress Settings is that we wanted to keep client child sites cleaner and make the plugin settings harder to find for all users that are not in charge of the parent dashboard. This update does not affect

What is New in Advanced Uptime Monitor 3.0

Advanced Uptime Monitor 3.0 is out. This version contains a few interesting improvements and a few issues fixes. That is not all, Extension went through a cleaning and refactoring process in order to improve the user experience. New Features Add New Monitor form has been updated. Along with the design changes, Monitor Interval option has been added, so users can set monitor interval from the Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension. This option has been added to the Edit Monitor form also, so this can be changed at any time. In the Uptime Robot settings section, Timezone display has been added so

2015 MainWP Recap and Important Extension Pricing Changes

2015 so far … 2015, has been an awesome year so far for MainWP: Launched 8 brand new Extensions Released 152 Extension updates Committed 28 version updates of the MainWP Dashboard Hired 2 new team members Answered 3289 support tickets with a 93% awesome rating Surpassed 10,000 Extension customers Gave back to the community and sponsored 7 WordCamps Everything considered MainWP is looking very healthy and poised to move forward and we owe all the thanks to you, without members like you we would not of have had our awesome year of growth. In 2016, we will continue to innovate,

Database Upgrades after Automatic Update

Today WordPress released 4.3.1 a security and maintenance update that should of been automatically updated on most of your Child sites.  You can check the Announcement post or release notes for more details on what is contained in this new version. We noticed with this version about 30% of our testing sites were returning the database upgrade required message “WordPress has been updated! Before we can send you on your way, what have to update your database to the newest version” How to verify your database is updated or update it if needed In order for us to update those

Update to MainWP Security Issue September 7 2015

It’s been about 24 hours since our last announcement and about 48 hours since the first report of any issues (Check here for the original post) . Where things currently stand: So far we have only see Child sites running version 2.0.26 or lower affected. The first report came in about 4 days after the release of the security fix and still only affects un-updated sites. Update: Septemeber 9th We have found that the malicious file makes it look like you are running MainWP Child 2.0.27 even if you are on a lower version so be sure you are running

MainWP Security Update September 7 2015

Please check this post for additional information as of September 8th 2015! This is something we have been tracking today and we currently have reports from 5 users about someone targeting MainWP users using versions of the MainWP Child Plugin older than 2.0.27. On each site, we were able to check, an older version of the Child Plugin was being used. Using this exploit the person is able to gain full access to your Child sites.   If you updated last week to the current version you should be fine but we added a simple test and cleanup into the

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