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MainWP UpdraftPlus Extension

Version 4.0.8 – 12-14-2022

  • Updated: MainWP 4.3.1 compatibility

Version 4.0.7 – 12-7-2022

  • Preventative: Multiple security improvements

Version 4.0.6 – 6-21-2022

  • Added: WP Nonce verification to the Go to WP Admin request for additional security

Version 4.0.5 – 12-13-2021

  • Fixed: An issue with saving values

Version 4.0.4 – 3-18-2021

  • Fixed: Compatibility with the latest UpdraftPlus plugin

Version 4.0.3 – 10-29-2020

  • Fixed: An issue with setting WebDAV settings

Version – 9-10-2020

  • Updated: MainWP Dashboard 4.1 compatibility

Version 4.0.2 – 5-5-2020

  • Fixed: an issue with overwriting the Wordfence login details
  • Fixed: incorrect links
  • Fixed: multiple cosmetic issues
  • Added: saveState property to the sites list
  • Added: colReorder property to the sites list
  • Added: horizontal scroll to the sites list

Version 4.0.1 – 1-3-2020

  • Fixed: an issue with missing settings field
  • Fixed: an issue with saving email reporting values

Version 4.0 – 8-28-2019

  • Updated: extension UI/UX redesign
  • Updated: support for the MainWP 4.0

Version 1.8 – 9-28-2018

  • Added: DereamObjects end-point option

Version 1.7 – 5-25-2018

  • Removed: the ability to restore sites from MainWP Dashboard due to UpdraftPlus code changes

Version 1.6 – 4-30-2018

  • Fixed: an issue with saving schedule time
  • Added: new feature to backup all sites
  • Added: BackBlaze remote destination option
  • Updated: data processing to improve performance

Version 1.5 – 12-5-2017

  • Added: option to prevent overwriting remote storage settings
  • Updated: database query process
  • Updated: saving cloud storage settings

Version 1.4 – 2-17-2017

  • Added: support for upcoming MainWP dashboard features

Version 1.3  – 2-17-2017

  • Added: Support for the upcoming MainWP Dashboard feature

Version 1.2 – 8-2-2016

  • Fixed: compatibility issue with the new version of the UpdraftPlus plugin
  • Added: new column in the UpdraftPlus Dashboard page to display settings in use
  • Added: option to duplicate global settings in individual settings when the Override General Settings is set to Yes
  • Updated: Google Drive and Google Cloud settings in general settings page

Version 1.1 – 2-17-2016

  • Fixed: Translation issue
  • Added: Support for WP-CLI
  • Added: New option “Server-side encryption”
  • Added: Support for the new Add Site process
  • Added: An auto update warning if the extension is not activated
  • Updated: “Check for updates now” link is not visible if extension is not activated

Version 1.0 – 15-1-2016

  • Fixed: Strip Slashes in site names
  • Added: Support for MainWP 3.0 version
  • Added: Support for new API Management
  • Added: New features introduced with a new UprdraftPlus Backups plugin version
  • Added: Bulk connect child sites to UpdraftPlus Vault account
  • Updated: Refactored code to meet WordPress coding standards

Version 0.0.4 – 7-17-2015

  • Fixed: Bug with saving email notification option for the free plugin version
  • Fixed: Multiple PHP Warnings

Version 0.0.3 – 6-10-2015

  • Added: Support for the new UprdrafPlus premium features (Microsoft OneDrive Remote Storage, FTP Passive mode)
  • Added: An option to verify from dashboard site
  • Added: Missing option from the Expert settings section

Version 0.0.2

  • Updated: Quick Start Guide layout

Version 0.0.1

  • Initial Release

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