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MainWP is a free, fully functional, open-source, and self-hosted WordPress management plugin that allows you
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Easy Plugin Manager

Easy WordPress Plugin Manager

  • Manage Plugins in Bulk or Individually
  • Check for Abandoned Plugins
  • Auto Update WordPress Plugins
  • Group Frequently Used Plugins
  • Deactivate & Delete Plugins
  • Install & Activate Plugins

Manage Plugins in Bulk or Individually

Controlling WordPress plugins at the same time is one of the key features of MainWP, as it allows you to manage all plugins across your Child Sites from one place.

So, stop wasting time updating your plugins manually on each WordPress site separately.

WordPress Plugin Manager - Bulk or Individual
Check Abandoned Plugins

Auto-check for Abandoned Plugins

It checks the last updated status of plugins and alerts you if they are not updated in a specific amount of time. This gives you insight into if the author may have abandoned a plugin.

By default, MainWP Dashboard checks for possibly abandoned plugins and themes once per day.

Auto Update Plugins

Our easy plugin manager functionality gives you complete control over automatic plugins updates on your Child Sites. Set desired plugins as “Trusted” to enable auto updates.

When MainWP detects an available update, it can take up to 24 hours before updating the trusted plugins.

Auto Update WordPress Plugins
Create a Group of Favorite Plugins

Group Frequently Used Plugins

The quickest and easiest way to bulk install your frequently used plugins to another Child Site is to create a group of favorite plugins, and pull them on a Child Site(s).

So, no more searching or trying to remember the name of all the plugins that you use regularly!

Deactivate & Delete Plugins

With the easy plugin manager by MainWP, you can deactivate plugins on each website or search for a plugin on selected Child Sites, then deactivate it in just a click.

Once deactivated, you can easily delete plugins in bulk or individually on selected Child Sites.

Deactivate and Delete WordPress Plugins
Install Multiple Plugins

Install & Activate Plugins

Bulk installing and activating plugins is one of the essential features of MainWP. Search from the repository, upload a zip file, or install from your favorite plugin’s directory.

In just a few seconds, you can install a WordPress plugin on one, a few, or all of your connected Child Sites.

Read More about Managing WordPress Plugins with MainWP.

That is Not All!

MainWP offers 15+ Free & 32+ Premium Extensions to give more power your Dashboard!

Manage all your WordPress sites with the MainWP Dashboard

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