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Bulk Settings Manager

The Bulk Settings Manager Extension unlocks the world of WordPress directly from your MainWP Dashboard. With Bulk Settings Manager you can adjust your Child site settings for the WordPress Core and almost any WordPress Plugin or Theme.

With Bulk Settings Manager, you will be able to quickly adjust your Child Site settings for the WordPress Core and almost any WordPress Plugin or Theme.

– How it Works

MainWP Bulk Settings Manager Extension works together with the MainWP Key Maker plugin. The Key Maker plugin grabs necessary data from your WordPress site (where you have set your preferences); next, the Extension converts the data to a key that you can submit to the rest of your Child Sites and apply your preferences.

Quick and easy, with just a few clicks, you will be able to update settings on all your Child Sites!

– Watch Bulk Settings Manager in Action

In this video, Osman goes over how to set up three different Keys, add those three Keys to a Key Ring and then send all three settings to your MainWP Child Sites.

YouTube video

– Changing WordPress Core Settings on 25 Sites

This video shows you how to update your WordPress Core Settings, make a Key then add those new Key Settings to 25 MainWP Child sites.

Wow! 575 discussion options changed in 62 Seconds! 

YouTube video

– Changing Plugin Settings on 25 Sites (All in One SEO Plugin)

In this video, we review setting up the All in One SEO Plugin, making a Key, then sending those Key settings to 25 MainWP Child Sites.

A fantastic 1875 settings changed in 38 seconds. 

YouTube video

– Changing Theme Settings on 25 Sites (Genesis Theme)

Finally, this video shows you how to change the settings on the Genesis Theme, then make a Key for those settings and send those Key settings to 25 MainWP Child Sites.

Watch as the Extension changes 650 settings in just 48 Seconds! 

YouTube video

– Bulk Settings Manager + MainWP Boilerplate Extension

Bulk Settings Manager Extension integrates with the MainWP Boilerplate Extension. If the extension is installed and activated, you will use boilerplate tokens in the key fields.

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