MainWP Lighthouse Extension is used for measuring the quality of your websites. It uses the Google PageSpeed Insights API to audit the performance, accessibility, and search engine optimization of your WordPress sites.

Please note that the MainWP Lighthouse Extension 4.0-beta1 is a beta version that is still undergoing final testing before its official release. If you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality, or other problems with the extension, please let us know immediately so we can rectify these accordingly. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

MainWP Lighthouse Extension is used to automatically measure the quality of your Child Site(s). It audits the performance, accessibility, best practices, and search engine optimization of websites connected to your MainWP Dashboard.

MainWP Lighthouse Extension - Dashboard

The extension runs on the Google PageSpeed Insights API which runs a barrage of tests against a child site and then generates a report on how well the child site did.

MainWP Lighthouse Extension - Scores

From here you can use the failing tests as indicators of what you can do to improve your website quality.

Lighthouse Extension Saves you Time!

We tested 30 websites individually and found out that it took 32 seconds for each website costing us 16 minutes for 30 websites.

Then we give a test to our Lighthouse extension and it took only 10 seconds per website resulting in 5 minutes for 30 websites, saving us 11 minutes.

Do the Math for Hundreds of Child Sites!

Moreover, with the MainWP Lighthouse Extension, you don’t need to open 30 tabs to test and then look for what stats are on which website. Such a hassle & time-consuming!

Why Use Lighthouse with MainWP

  • Check all your websites Lighthouse stats at once on one screen.
  • Add results to reports and send them to clients.
  • Set daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled automated audits.
  • Get notified if scores go under the set threshold.
  • Run audits and get results via WP CLI
  • Run audits and get results via MainWP REST API


MainWP Lighthouse Extension

Purchase Options

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  • Additional Information

    Requires Google PageSpeed Insights API Key


You can use this Extension on unlimited MainWP Dashboards that you own.


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