With the MainWP Staging Extension, you can create and manage Staging sites for your child sites directly from your MainWP Dashboard.

The MainWP Staging Extension requires the WP Staging plugin on your Child Sites.

What are Staging Sites and Why Do You Need Them?

Staging Sites are sites that duplicate your Production Sites (same hardware, same software, same settings) so that any change can be tested and evaluated before being placed into production. In other words, it’s a complete but independent copy of your production site, including the database.

You can use Staging sites while building a new website, but it can come in handy when updating or improving an existing site. By working in a staging environment, you ensure that your visitors’ experience isn’t disturbed as you make edits. Your production site will continue to work until you decide to push changes live.

With the MainWP Staging Extension, you will be able to test and evaluate any change on a staging site before making any update on your production site. MainWP Dashboard automatically connects newly created staging sites to use staging sites as regular child sites and perform any action on them. Once you are sure that everything works as expected, you can apply the same changes to your live sites.


See it Action

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Avoid time-consuming, expensive mistakes when updating live WordPress sites

  • Site going ‘blank’ with a white screen
  • Losing content, you spent countless hours on
  • Overwriting CSS
  • Plugin conflicts causing loss of functionality or design
  • Error messages appearing for public users
  • Broken links and images

Other Benefits Using the MainWP Staging Extension

  • troubleshoot plugin issues without spreading the problem to your live site
  • eliminate the negative impact of a crashed website on conversion and sales
  • test every element at their own pace without the time constraint of having the actual website in maintenance mode



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You can use this Extension on unlimited MainWP Dashboards that you own.


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