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WooCommerce Status

If you are managing more than one WooCommerce store, this is the Extension for you! It provides quick insights into the status of all your stores from one central location.

If you have multiple WooCommerce stores to manage, this Extension is perfect for you. Easily track sales, inventory, and more with its user-friendly interface, making your WooCommerce store management a breeze.

– MainWP WooCommerce Status Dashboard

This WooCommerce Status Extension gives you a quick overview of all your stores’ statuses from one centralized location, such as:

  • Sales for the current month
  • Top Selling product for the current month

You can also see if your store has:

  • Orders Awaiting Processing
  • Orders On Hold
  • Products that are Low on Stock
  • Products that are Out of Stock

The Quick link is built into each section and brings you directly to the correct page in your store without having to log in.

Just imagine how much time you will save by monitoring ALL your stores from one place and accessing the correct pages on Child Sites with a button click.

WooCommerce Status - All Stores Overview Page

– WooCommerce Status Widgets

Additionally, this Extension introduces a handy “Widget” to both your MainWP “Overview” and individual “Site Overview” pages, providing a quicker way to closely monitor orders and inventory within your WooCommerce stores.

Place your widget anywhere you want in your Dashboard, and you will never miss any activity in your WooCommerce stores.

– MainWP Overview Widget

The main widget shows the summary of all your stores in your network. Use it to easily spot the top-selling products in all your stores and overall income.

WooCommerce Status - MainWP Overview Page

– Individual Site Dashboard Widget

After accessing the individual site dashboard, the widget will display statistics for the WooCommerce Store on a Child Site.

It will show you the Sales amount for the current month, Top Sellers, Products awaiting processing, Products on hold, Products low on stock, and out of stock.

WooCommerce Status - Individual Store Overview Page

Monitor Your Stores from One Place

The MainWP WooCommerce Status Extension enables you to monitor your stores from one centralized location.

Quick Access to Your WooCommerce Stores

Provided links will bring you to the right page on your Child Site without logging in. Just click it and start managing your products.

Easy To Use

All of the great features of this Extension are intuitive and easy to use.

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    The MainWP WooCommerce Status extension requires the WooCommerce Plugin to be installed and activated on your child sites.

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You can use this Extension on unlimited MainWP Dashboards that you own.


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