MainWP Browser Extension

The MainWP Browser Extension quickly connects to your MainWP Dashboard via MainWP REST API, eliminating the need to log in to your MainWP Dashboard repeatedly to check available updates and non-MainWP changes.

With this extension, you also gain the ability to control how often it retrieves updates from your MainWP Dashboard.

Stay informed at your preferred frequency, from every 15 minutes to once a day, without logging into your MainWP Dashboard. Enjoy the flexibility to stay up-to-date directly from your browser!

Here’s a glimpse of what the MainWP Browser Extension will do across all your Child Sites:

  • Keep you informed on all WordPress core, plugins, themes, & translation updates
  • Automatically fetch the number of available updates
  • Easily set the updates check time-interval
  • Manually fetch available updates count
  • Track the number of changes made outside of your MainWP Dashboard
  • Push notifications on each synchronization
  • Quickly jump into the relevant Dashboard page to take immediate action
  • Supports all Chromium-based browsers & Firefox
  • Easily connect using MainWP REST API

Easily Connect

The MainWP Browser Extension quickly connects to your MainWP Dashboard using the MainWP REST API.

Quick Step-by-Step Guide!

Quick Overview

The extension’s Dashboard lists the count of available updates and non-MainWP changes, providing one-click access to relevant MainWP screens to apply needed actions, saving you time.

Push Notifications

Whenever the extension synchronizes with your Dashboard (manually or automatically), you will receive a push notification to inform you about the available updates.

Supported Browsers

All Chromium-based browsers, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, etc., and Firefox, are currently supported.

Fully Extendable

Unlock the power of MainWP Browser Extension on our GitHub repository, and join us in shaping the future!

Chrome  |  Firefox

Never Miss an Update

Try out the MainWP Browser Extension today and stay informed with all the latest updates

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