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Nigel Hellewell AMBCS

In 2016 I decided to specialise in the field of data protection & privacy, after I had my personal information divulged to a third party the previous year. Prior to that I had been a database and web application developer, where WordPress had always been my CMS of choice.

I successfully qualified as a data protection practitioner and decided to evaluate the Data Protection and Privacy legislation and WordPress. I soon became aware that ‘out-of-the-box’ WordPress is far from secure and always compliant with the legislation.

There was a potential business proposition where I could help others to become compliant with the legislation and as part of the proposition provide remote managed updates, security and maintenance packages for businesses that either didn’t have the time to do this themselves, or were unaware that keeping their WordPress website updated was one of the mainstay ‘principles’ of the data protection & privacy legislation.

How could I achieve that? More research, trials of various options then the eureka moment – I found MainWP, trialled it on some of my self-hosted WordPress sites and made the big step to purchasing it.

The main reason for my decision was that MainWP could be installed anywhere, didn’t collect personal data and that I would be in control.

That side of my business is still ongoing and I’m recommending MainWP to others (non-affiliate), and luckily at the same time get recommendations for my data protection & privacy business.

Three years down the line, I’m ramping up my concerns, especially after the enforcement of the dreaded GDPR! I have written and just launched an e-Book style guide on the subject. After all, anyone that is using MainWP and gains an understanding of the legislation should help their business grow too.

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Privacy laws apply to businesses that collect personal information. Since no personal information is collected by the MainWP plugins, no privacy laws apply to the MainWP plugins. This includes GDPR, UK DPA 2018, PIPEDA, Australia Privacy Act 1988, LGPD, PIPL, and other privacy laws.
Donata Stroink-Skillrud
Donata Stroink-Skillrud
President of Agency Attorneys

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