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Use MainWP to Clone Your Template Sites


MainWP provides you the only tool needed to easily clone your WP Template sites in order to grow your network. MainWP is much more than a cloning tool but we are certain that it is the fastest, easiest and the most user friendly cloning process on the market today, so simple a child could use it.

With the MainWP cloning feature, you will create an exact copy of the site configuration,  themes, themes settings, plugins, plugin settings, posts, pages, images, videos…pretty much everything on your site.

The MainWP Cloning process involves three easy steps; (I assume you are already a MainWP user, who’s not?!)  If not get started here.

  1. Setup a Template site and add it to the MainWP dashboard. You can also use one of the sites you already have in your MainWP Dashboard.
  2. Configure a fresh WordPress installation on the new domain and add it to your MainWP Dashboard.
  3. 1-Click Cloning

Let’s go through these three steps.

1. Template Setup

Take one of your sites you would like to replicate, or use a fresh WordPress installation to setup a Template. Install all of your favorite Plugins and configure them as per your preferences. Install your favorite Theme and customize it. Next you can add some content to the blog, add posts, pages, media, anything you may need in your new site. When you are ready, add the template site to your MainWP Dashboard if it isn’t already connected to it.

2. Fresh WordPress installation.

Now, go to your new domain and install a fresh WordPress copy. We suggest you to do that by using the Fantastico tool in your cPanel.

If you already have an old copy on that domain and you want to overwrite it, no problem, MainWP will remove the old copy and replace it with the template files including the old Database.

Connected to your MainWP Dashboard if you have not already.

3. 1-Click Cloning

Now the Magic happens. To be sure everything is ready for cloning, go to your MainWP Dashboard and in the Clone/Migrate Site page, make sure that cloning tool is ON,


and your Template site is listed in the Allowed Box.



Now, when you are sure everything is ready, visit the site you are planning to clone to, and navigate to WP-Admin > Settings > MainWP Clone.

Select your Template site from the Clone Options box.

Click the Clone Website button.



Wait for a  few seconds until the MainWP plugin grabs all files from your template site and transfers them to the new domain. After successful transfer you will get the notification.


Follow the provided “here” link. Re-Login and Re-Save permalinks in the next screen and you have successfully finished cloning.

That was easy, wasn’t it?!

Remember, you can save and setup more than one Template site, and use them whenever you want!

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One thought on “Use MainWP to Clone Your Template Sites

  1. i bought the extension and it really makes things super easy. so if i have to rate how it is being promoted, i would give it a 5 star.

    however, i also wish that it can do more than just cloning templates. i wish it can be used for cloning staging sites to productions sites.

    with that in mind, i would like to see a selection of what plugins to clone at the very least.

    ex. don’t clone restricted access plugin which is only used by the private staging site and not by the production site, which is for public view.

    again, the extension really does what it says. i am just hoping it can be used for cloning staging/testing sites.

    anyway – i’m just thinking out loud. perhaps i am the only one using it this way.

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