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Take a Vacation, Updates Are on Us!


Keeping WordPress core, plugins and themes up to date is the best way to make your sites safe and secure, but what happens when life gets busy and you just don’t have enough time to worry about updates.  What if you are on vacation and you don’t have a partner with the technical experience or know how to run those updates? Are you willing to risk your sites or your client’s sites safety? Not to worry, you don’t have to!

The Dev team at MainWP is proud to present you our Auto Update System. After listening to our users needs, we determined that sometimes even 1-Click Updates aren’t good enough, so we created our Auto Update feature for a hands off approach, while still leaving the control in your hands. Simply select the blogs, plugins and themes you want MainWP to update automatically. There is no step 2, you are done.

To Trust or Not To Trust?

Setting a Plugin or Theme as Trusted means that YOU trust this plugin/theme and its developer and are choosing to allow MainWP to manage it for you. This means that the MainWP Plugin will only update instances marked as Trusted. By default, all your Themes, Plugins and Blogs are marked as Untrusted. To get started with auto updates, mark all plugins/themes you trust and turn on the auto updates feature.

How do I do that?

The first thing you need to do in order to enable auto updates is turn the feature on. To do that, visit your MainWP Settings page, and in the provided Automatic daily update drop-down list choose the Install Trusted Updates option. (Don’t forget to click the Save Settings Button at the bottom of the page.)


Now visit the MainWP > Plugins > Auto Update Trust page, click the Show Plugins button and the list of all installed plugins on your child sites will appear.



Use the check boxes in front of each plugin’s name to select plugins and when you’re done select the Trust option from the drop down list and click the Confirm button.

Selected plugins will then be marked as Trusted and auto updates will be applied when they are available.


[box]Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for the Auto Update system to update your plugins, themes and wp core files. [/box]

Remember, this will update selected plugins in all your sites. If you have a customized plugin in one or more sites or there is another reason you don’t wish to update a plugin in an instances of WordPress use our Ignore Update feature to prevent the plugin from being updated.

[box]The process is the same for both the plugins and the themes[/box]

Auto Update WP Core files

The “Trusting” process for WordPress core files is just as easy but a little bit different. After adding a site to your dashboard, MainWP defaults the Auto Updates setting to Not Trusted for the site. To change this setting, and have your blog(s) updated automatically follow these 3 easy steps.


1. Go to the Site’s Edit page by clicking the Edit link in your Sites list.


auc2. In the Site Edit Page set the Auto update core to YES.


3. Click the Update Site button.

[box]Repeat the process for all sites you wish to update automatically.[/box]

Email Notices With Available updates.

email-noticesIf for some reason you still want to do updates by hand but you don’t want to check daily  if there is an available update, we got you covered. Instead of setting the Automatic daily update to Install Trusted Updates, use the Email Notification of New Updates option. With this option set, you will receive an email notification when the new update is available for the trusted plugins.

We hope that you will take advantage of this new feature to keep your blogs up to date and secure. This awesome feature will give you more free time and take the hassle out of managing your blogs, plugins and themes.

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