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MainWP Dashboard Update – Plenty of Usability and Bug Fixes


MainWP Dashboard 0.1.7 and MainWP Child: 0.9 bring us a lot of usability updates and we got a few bugs squished and out of the way.

We spent some time really looking at how the average MainWP user works with the Dashboard and combined that with input we receive from the support forum and trouble tickets to come up with some new functions that should make the MainWP dashboard even more of a time saver for you.

Main Dashboard Updates:

  • Usability: Separated out Security to it’s own Widget in the dashboard
  • Usability: Added a New Backup Widget on Individual Dashboards with Backup Now button
  • Usability: Added auto-close to backup pop-ups
  • Usability: The Individual Dashboards now show their own refresh date
  • Usability: Removed the default excluded folders (Uploads / Plugins) in Backups
  • Usability: Added better layout to plugins and posts when at 0
  • Usability: When drilling down in the Dashboard site name now goes to individual dashboard
  • Usability: Add New Button added to Recent Posts Widget
  • Bug: Fixed User table missing Avatar and User Roles
  • Bug: Fixed Delete Permanently was sending to Trash now deletes
  • Bug: Fixed Check All Box now Checks All in the Posts, Pages, Users and Comments tables
  • Bug: Fixed “Drag and Drop” items now work in the Main Dashboard
  • Bug: Fixed issue with Dashboards being set to 1 column
  • Bug: Fixed Individual Dashboards not retaining their layout
  • Bug: Fixed mysql_num_rows error when no sites and php warnings on
  • Bug: Fixed issue with “Show Per page” option in Manage Comments
  • Bug: Added Sticky Post Option to posts
  • Conflict Fix: Conflict with Events Manager plugin Fixed

Current Versions Are:

MainWP Main: 0.1.7

Download your updates from your MainWP Members Area.

If you are not sure of the update process for MainWP you can view step by step instructions here How to update MainWP Dashboard

MainWP Child: 0.9

Should show as an automated update from your MainWP Dashboard or download from the WP Repository here.

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