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MainWP Dashboard Update – All New BackUp System


We know backing up your sites is important, and so should you. Have you ever thought about what may happen if your site is hacked, or lost all together? How would you get back all those hours of hard work, how long would it take? Your site may never be the same again.

The MainWP Dashboard Beta version 0.1.6 includes an all new and easier to use backup system for both the Automated Recurring Backups and “On Demand” Backups.

We have gone the extra mile to ensure that in this Beta relase the backing up your sites is as easy as possible with the scheduling feature and the inclusion of the DropBox API so now you have no excuse to not be backing up each of your sites.

Yes, of course we have docs and videos for you to go over for the new backup system:

Backup your WordPress Sites with MainWP

Recurring Backups with MainWP

Manage Backups

This version also contains a new helpful widget in the individual sites dashboards that adds information on the groups that the site belongs to, your site notes, a link to the sites frontpage and a link to automatically open the specific sites wp-admin.

Main Dashboard Updates:

  • Improved: “On Demand” Backups
  • Improved: Recurring Backups
  • Fixed: Issue with to many backups being saved
  • Fixed: Issue with updating of Admin Password spinning
  • Fixed: Widget layout not saving in individual dashboards
  • Fixed: Issue in cloning if user has special database pre-fixes
  • Fixed: Issue with auto-update of MainWP child not updating for some users
  • Fixed: Issue between Apache and Tomcat/IIS servers which would not allow child plugin to be found
  • Fixed: Issue with some tables sorting on some browsers
  • Fixed: Bug in failed CSV of bulk upload that didn’t allow a re-upload
  • Fixed: Bug with Show on Screen option in Screen Options of the Sites page
  • Fixed: Wrong Screen Options showing in Sites Option Bar
  • Fixed: Failures on servers running suhosin
  • Fixed: Now checks for PHP alias of “off” for “0” in the Error Reporting security fix
  • Added: Group, Notes, Frontpage and WP-Admin options to individual site dashboards
  • Added: Dropbox API

Current Versions Are:

MainWP Main: 0.1.6

Download your updates from your MainWP Members Area

MainWP Child: 0.7

Should show as an automated update from your MainWP Dashboard or download from the WP Repository here.

Note: This version has been out so you may already have it updated.

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