WPVulnDB API Pricing Inquiry

On October 1st, 2019, WPVulnDB API version 2 (free API) will no longer be usable. If you want to use the Vulnerability Checker Extension, you will need to move to API version 3 (Paid API) and register a free account on wpvulndb.com. Once registered, you will be given an API Token to insert into the Vulnerability Checker Extension.

The price for unlimited API usage depends on the number of WordPress sites that you intend to scan.

Use this form to send the Pre-sale inquiry and get the price for your setup. This is an email form and not an instant response. You can also email the WPVulnDB team directly at [email protected]

  • Enter your Email Address
  • Enter the number of your child site you currently run in your MainWP Dashboard

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