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MainWP is a fully functional GPL licensed plugin with premium add-ons available. See free features.

Unlimited Sites

Since MainWP is free, we do not charge based on how many sites you have. See how MainWP makes money.

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The MainWP plugin is installed on your WordPress site on your server. There is never any data sampling!

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Open Source

Founder Run, Admin Focused

Dennis Dornon
Dennis Dornon

MainWP Co-founder

As one of the only WordPress Management Systems not owned by a major corporation or hosting company, I understand the need to keep your client data private and secure.

I also know that sometimes you need to think outside the box for your clients, so we’re the only WordPress Manager that is open source and expandable, allowing you to create your own solutions.

But it’s not just me! Over the years, I’ve assembled a team from around the world who are just as committed to your success. The majority of the MainWP team has been working on MainWP for over 5 years, so they have an intimate knowledge of WordPress maintenance.

We’ve been here for you over the years and will continue to be here as a profitable, debt-free, and privately owned WordPress business!


As a self-hosted solution, you install the MainWP Dashboard plugin on your WordPress site and not on our private server.

Open Source

With fully auditable, open-source code, you can be sure we do not track or keep any information about your WordPress sites.


Some developers like to keep tight control of what is happening with their plugins, but we have 100% respect for your privacy.

The smarter way to manage your WordPress sites

All Your WordPress Sites in One Place

With your MainWP Dashboard, you can forget typing each URL, login, and password to access your WordPress sites. We’ve made accessing all of your WordPress sites a breeze with our intuitive one-click access. No more logins and passwords to lose!

MainWP brings all your WordPress management needs under one Dashboard. You can keep adding your WordPress sites and manage them with ease. Once you connect your WordPress sites, your MainWP Dashboard gives you the full overview of all your WordPress sites.

Effortless Updates

Stop wasting time updating your plugins and themes manually in each site separately. The Update Everything button in the MainWP Dashboard makes it simple and super easy to update everything across all your WordPress sites.

That is not all! By using the Auto Updates feature, automatically update all Plugins and Themes that you trust with no further interaction from you. Sit back, and your MainWP Dashboard will alert you by email with available updated and install them automatically for you the next day.

Plugins and Themes Management

MainWP makes it super easy to manage your plugins and themes across all your WordPress sites. You can view plugins installed on each site, install plugins and themes on all your WordPress sites, and activate, deactivate, delete plugins in bulk across multiple sites.

MainWP also checks the last updated status of plugins and themes and alerts you if they have not received an updated for a specific amount of time, giving you better insight on if a plugin or theme could be abandoned by the author so that you can look for a more up to date plugin.

User Management

Managing users on your connected WordPress sites is now as easy as it can be. You can manage all your users from all your sites directly from your MainWP Dashboard, without the need to log in.

Need to create a new user on your WordPress site? No problem! With just a few mouse clicks, you will be able to create a new user on multiple WordPress sites at once!

Multiple Backup Solutions

We understand that your WordPress data is valuable — you’re never more than a moment away from a complete disaster, so make sure you do it right!

We realize that not every backup option works for everyone, so MainWP offers multiple backup options.

Learn More…

Stay Secure, Use Security Scanner

Many sites are hacked and infected long before the site owner is aware that anything has happened.  Hacking often leads to malware listings from popular browsers like FireFox and Chrome costing you leads, your brand’s reputation, potential customers, and in turn, sales.

The MainWP Sucuri Extension uses Sucuri’s proprietary SiteCheck Tool to scan your sites. SiteCheck provides web-based malware scanning of your websites using the latest in fingerprinting technology.

Learn More…

Monitor Your Websites Uptime

With WordPress, things can quickly go wrong, and you can’t be around all the time to monitor things yourself.  

The Free Advanced Uptime Monitor extension quickly lets you know if your site has an issue regardless of whether a server is down, or there is something wrong with the code of a website, Advanced Uptime Monitor will alert you.

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What Makes MainWP Different?

Developer Friendly

Being extensible means the options are limitless. Actions, filters, and smart coding make MainWP developer-friendly.

Open Source

Review all code being installed on your sites via Github. Have an idea or fix? Pull requests accepted.


As a self-hosted solution, you install the MainWP Dashboard plugin on your WordPress site and not on our private server.​


Keep tight control of what is happening with your websites. We have 100% respect for your privacy.

CLI Enabled

Use provided built-in CLI commands to automate and speed up repetitive tasks in your MainWP Dashboard.

Secure Connection

Connect to your sites via secure OpenSSL encrypted connection. No need to enter or store administrator passwords.

MainWP Recommended Extensions

Unlock the world of WordPress. With the Bulk Settings Manager, you can adjust your WordPress settings for almost any WordPress Plugin or Theme directly from your MainWP Dashboard.

Checks your sites every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the case the site is not loading, it makes a few more checks in the next 3 minutes to make sure that the site is down. If the site is still down, it will notify you immediately.

A simple way to add code snippets to your child sites from one centralized location. No need to edit to your theme’s functions.php file or wp-config.php anymore!

Extend Your MainWP Dashboard

Browse our catalog of MainWP Extensions for backups, marketing, SEO, maintenance, security, monitoring, and other tools to help you build a better network. MainWP Extensions are WordPress plugins that seamlessly integrate with your MainWP Dashboard.

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