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What are some things you don’t know? Well, that is often hard to say, right? I mean, if we don’t know said fact, we don’t know that we don’t know. Still with me?

There is a story going around on the interwebs that says Charlie Chaplin entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest. Funny thing, he came in third. Is this true? Not sure, but if it is, it just underscores the things we really don’t know.

In 1943, Army Officer Louis “Louie” Zamperini survived for 47 days in a raft in the Pacific Ocean and subsequently survived several years in captivity as a prisoner of war. He survived against long odds and deplorable situations including starvation, dehydration, and injury.

Zamperini learned what he didn’t know, how far he could go to survive. His journey was chronicled in the book Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand,  and the critically acclaimed movie Unbroken directed by Angelina Jolie. (See the courage of his survival)

What is it we don’t know about ourselves?

I mean, what do you know about your favorite piece of software? Even more, what do you not know? There are a lot of things I don’t know about most of the tools I use, but I know they work.

What about the MainWP WordPress Manager? Most of you use the software (if you aren’t, why not start today!), but did you know these 8 things?

10 Free plugins extensions

Did you know that MainWP WordPress Manager comes with ten free extensions? Seriously, that’s a lot of value without paying more. Using MainWP itself is free, it is the extensions that cost. A membership gets you access to all the extensions, but MainWP offers ten of those for free.

These extensions include an uptime monitor, three backup plugin extensions, Sucuri, a vulnerability checker, shortcuts for WooCommerce, an extension for locking down your MainWP dashboard, and an extension to WP Fix It for advanced issues.

Manage all your WordPress sites with the MainWP Dashboard

WordPress Management for Professionals

Are you ready to go Pro?

All MainWP Pro Extensions are available through one of our convenient bundled packages.

There is a whole of awesomeness you can tap into with MainWP WordPress Manager without paying a dime.

You can install locally

Did you know you can install your MainWP dashboard locally? Actually, you can install it anywhere and make it as secure as you want.

Dennis explains in an article how you can use Desktop Server to run an instance of your MainWP dashboard.

You may choose to have a host just for your MainWP dashboard. There are a couple of hosts who are considered recommended hosts including Cloudways. They have a really nice write-up about installing MainWP.

People’s Host has their own setup wizard tutorial for MainWP.

Recommended hosts

Are you curious about setups by other developers? Check out the comments in this thread from a question by Rajendra Zore. Developers tell their MainWP setup.

Affiliate Program

MainWP has an affiliate program. Are you constantly recommending MainWP to other developers and friends? Why not make a little money?

You can earn up to 25% commission on successful sales that are recurring on monthly and yearly memberships. MainWP keeps up with detailed statistics and makes it easy to get started in just a few minutes.

Learn more 


White Label your brand
White Label your brand

White Label

Okay, so you run a successful WordPress maintenance business. You are successfully using your company’s brand in everything you do with your customers. You don’t want them to log in and see a big MainWP logo in their WordPress dashboard. Fair enough.

The MainWP WordPress Manager has you covered. With the Brand extension, MainWP allows you to make this change easily within your MainWP dashboard.

Your customers see your name, your information, and importantly, your support contact email. They contact you for help.

The Brand extension is a great idea for anyone who wants to maintain their support brand. The extension is $69 or included in a membership.

Central site management

Whether you run a WordPress maintenance business or have a portfolio of blogs, MainWP can help you manage all your sites within the same dashboard. This is super convenient, keeping you from logging into multiple sites, saving you lots of time.

With the extensions available, you can upload articles, check links, manage comments and spam, and even monitor your search engine optimization.

With the Broken Links checker, you have the ability to monitor all your links in one dashboard. The Comments extension allows you to do the same with all comments. Use Yoast for SEO on all your sites. MainWP has an extension for that too.

Of course, you can also do all the other things we like to do including update plugins, monitor the uptime for your sites, and other administrative tasks.

Pay one time get all extensions

Looking at all these extensions and thinking about the cost if you bought them all separately? MainWP has a membership plan and you can get the extensions with one payment.

That’s right, a lifetime membership gets you each extension for a one-time payment.

Not sure you want to commit to an entire lifetime? Sign up for a year, test it out, see what you think. Once you are convinced, sign up for the lifetime.

There are three membership plans that get you all of the extensions to use on as many sites as you want.

See the future with roadmaps
See the future with roadmaps

You can see the future

You can see the future. Well, sort of. MainWP has a series of roadmaps that will let you see what the future holds for product development.

There are several roadmaps on Trello that the team at MainWP use to keep up with requests and the status of the maintenance system. MainWP has general roadmaps for the dashboards and new extension requests. Additionally, there is a roadmap for each extension.

If you wanna see what the future holds for the project, you have a window into the workshop. You can find links to all of the roadmaps on this page.

Documentation and Videos

Sometimes, you just need to see how something is installed. This is often the case with a WordPress product, and MainWP and the extensions are no different. MainWP provides you with lots of documentation to help you take advantage of the products as well as videos.

The documentation can be found on the Help page.

Are you looking to set up your backup solution? Great, this post has documentation for each of the MainWP backup extensions.

Maybe you need a video to help. Good thing that MainWP has its own Youtube channel with all the video tutorials for the extensions and dashboard installation.

Finally, if you are a member and need support, you can learn more about opening a ticket on the support page.

Other resources:

Facebook MainWP Users Group – Independent of MainWP and ran by Ivica Delic

MainWP Tutorials

WP Crafter Video Tutorial

MainWP Blog:

Extension Tutorials

How To’s

Tips & Tricks


As with any tool, there are tons of things to learn. MainWP is robust and powerful but can be overwhelming when you get started. There are so many ways the management suite can help you with your WordPress consultant business.

You may not have been aware of some of these facts, but don’t let that stop you from diving in and learning more about MainWP and the power of what you can do. Using MainWP, you truly can start your own WordPress site care service and earn recurring revenue for your business.

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