Delete expired transients automatically on all of your MainWP connected child sites

Delete Expired Transients

What are transients are and why WordPress uses them

WordPress uses transients to store data, that can be retrieved short-term from the options database table. But the problem ends up being when different plugins are using transients, but then not deleting that data when it has expired. It can cause performance issues over-time and cause the options database table to group. So ideally you would want to delete expired transients on any of the MainWP Child Sites you manage to improve performance.

Delete Expired Transients

  1. Log into your MainWP Dashboard site
  2. Go to the MainWP > Plugins > Install page
  3. Search for Delete Expired TransientsDelete Expired Transients
  4. Select the first plugin named Delete Expired Transients
  5. Select all your child sites
  6. Make sure that the Activate after installation option is selected
  7. Click the Complete Installation button

So now Delete Expired Transients plugin will be installed and activated on all of your child sites. It sets a WP-CRON job on those child sites, which will automatically delete expired transients. Two of the cron events that the plugin will set to run on the MainWP child sites, where the plugin is installed and activated on.

  • wp_scheduled_auto_draft_delete > 12 hours
  • delete_expired_transients > 12 hours

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