Encoding Emails on Sites Using a Plugin

If you end up displaying emails on a site they have a high chance of being hit by spam bots, email harvesting, and other robots. But there are a couple of easy to use plugin options to protect email addresses being displayed on your sites.

The first email is called Email Address Encoder. Once the plugin has been installed and activated on the site it will add new sub-menu item in wp-admin under;

Settings > Email Encoder

By default, emails will be protected without having to make any changes to the settings.

The next plugin option is called Email Encoder Bundle. The plugin has a number of options that are all built in without needing a premium version, you can click on the advanced settings to be able to control a number of the plugin options. The sub-menu item added in wp-admin is also under;

Settings > Email Encoder

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The default enabled options to protect emails uses the full-page scan, protect email using the method which uses including JavaScript. The plugin includes many shortcodes that are included with the plugin these;


So in the case of an email, you would wrap the protect shortcode around the email address so an example would be

[eeb_protect_emails][email protected][eeb_protect_emails]

If you needed to test that any emails on your site are being protected you can use the email checker site.

Now that you have made sure that site email is being protected and have checked that the plugin is working correctly you now are safe in knowing that site emails will not be hit by spam bots, email harvesters, and other robots. One recommendation would be if you do not need to display emails on the site, then use a site form and then set the correct notification email to go the correct site email so that the site email is never displayed on the site.

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