How to Fix the Smart Optimization Compression Issue in Imagify on Your Site

Fix Smart Optimization Compression Issue - Imagify WordPress Plugin

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If you use the Imagify plugin for image optimization on your WordPress website. You may have noticed a change to compression levels being offered in the recent 2.0 update

Imagify WordPress Plugin

Version 2.0 of the Imagify plugin has new default settings for image compression and smart compression. This new default is similar to the ultra mode, and then if the AI detects enough image quality loss, it would be optimized at the aggressive level.

The change was meant to make the Imagify plugin setup easier, would result in removing compression level options, and can result in pixelated images since the default is smart compression.

Compression levels no longer exist in the 2.0 version of the Imagify plugin, meaning you can no longer select the normal, aggressive, or ultra-compression levels.

WP Rollback

Imagify WordPress Plugin Settings

If you want to retain the compression levels in the Imagify plugin, then the only way would be to roll back the plugin to version 1.10.

To rollback, Imagify uses the WP Rollback plugin. Select 1.10 and rollback, and activate the plugin. Or, download the older version from the advanced section in Download the zip file and then upload it to the websites which use the plugin.

Hopefully, the smart compression feature will be improved to result in fewer images with pixelation and artifact issues.

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