How to Migrate to Different SEO Plugins on your Site

If you have been using SEO plugin on your site for a while then it is worth checking the alternative SEO plugin options that are now available. Most of the commonly used SEO plugins include migration options such as SEOPress, Rank Math SEO, and SEO Framework (TSF).

In this post, we will cover two of the most heavily used plugins for SEO on WordPress sites.

After you have installed and activated the SEOPress plugin on your site you will be able to easily migrate data from your previous SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO. To migrate the SEO data go to;

SEO > Tools > Plugins > Migrate Now

If you want to move to use the Rank Math SEO plugin then after the plugin is installed and activated then go to;

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Rank Math SEO > Status & Tools > Import & Export

The Rank Math SEO plugin will even provide being able to make a backup of the Rank Math SEO data before running the migration of the data.

After you have migrated data from the previously used SEO plugin remember to not run two SEO plugins on the site at the same time or it will result in possible conflicts and data issues.

Migrating data from an SEO plugin to the new SEO plugin is very easy to do and should not be a barrier to using an SEO plugin that you want to move away from.

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