How to Remove VaultPress Plugin Data from a Child Sites Database

How to Remove VaultPress Plugin Data from a Child Sites Database

VaultPress is a backup plugin, built by Automattic. VaultPress can also cause the site installation to bloat the database for postmeta and option entries.

Some of the examples of the bloat will be in these option names, created by the plugin;


The option name which can cause the most issues is _vp_ai_ping. On some sites, _vp_ai_ping  has entries which have been known to bloat the site’s options database table with 300-500MB of data.

VaultPress plugin has an option in its settings to delete all VaultPress settings.


When the VaultPress plugin is deactivated and uninstalled none of the options values it created will be deleted. But those option entries can be deleted by using phpMyAdmin. By searching for _vp% and vaultpress% as the option name, then selecting all of those options to be deleted from the options database table.

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By migrating to other backup solutions and cleaning up all database entries left over from the VaultPress plugin, you can improve the child site’s performance.

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