How to use Zapier for your MainWP Dashboard Site

mainwp & zapier

Zapier and MainWPZapier is a hosted service where you can mostly connect any 3rd party service with any 3rd party service. So, in this case, Zapier will enable us to filter emails and then based on the subject line, send an SMS to a mobile number that you select.

We are going to use Zapier to send the MainWP email notification as SMS messages, so you can check on those instead of having to filter through all of your emails.

SMS Notifications About Available Updates

Zapier has a number of actions that can be used, in this example, we are going to send an SMS when MainWP Dashboard is showing updates on the child sites. So to use SMS by Zapier, you will need to enter the phone number where the SMS message is set to, set a PIN and Zapier will send an SMS which will contain a confirmation number, which will be used to confirm the phone number, once the number has been confirmed, then the number is connected and can be used for sending to in the action part of the zap.

Zapier has a template already set up so you can send an SMS if a new email in your Gmail account matches what you have set.

Sample in MainWP

You can set the subject or send in Gmail that you would like to use as the trigger in the Zap. So in this example, we are going to use subject:mainwp. You can use any send email or email subject, then when those are sent an SMS will be sent to the mobile number that is set in the zap.

MainWP email to SMS

Follow the template instructions and you will be able to connect your Gmail account and set the email sender that will be used to filter and then you can connect your mobile number on the last step. These are similar to the previous SMS steps for how to send SMS in your zap.

Count Updates

If you wanted to record the number of times you have updated the child sites you manage you could use this Zap, which will parse emails and store them in a new row in Google Sheets.

For this Zap, you will also need an Email parser account.

Email Parser from Zapier setup from a test email.

Then once you have created a mailbox you can then use it in a Zap. So that you can parse any email and then use that template to send to hundreds of services. Zapier has hundreds of integrations with hundreds of services.

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