MainWP Client Reports 2.0

MainWP Client Reports 2.0

Last few months, MainWP Development team has been working on improvements for the MainWP Client Reports extension. The majority of implemented improvements have been based on feedback that we have been collecting from our user.

Since the new version contains a lot of updates, we recommend creating a database backup of your MainWP Dashboard before updating the MainWP Client Reports extension.

What’s New

Merged Single Site Reports and Global Reports

No more difference between reports generated for a single site and multiple sites. The unified New Report page will allow you to select one or multiple sites for your reports. If you already have both report types in use, the extension will display all reports under one table.

New Default Reports

Version 2.0 introduces 2 new default reports.

  • MainWP Report (Full) – includes information about Updates, Backups, Google Analytics data, Sucuri security checks and Uptime data. It requires some MainWP Extensions.
  • MainWP Report (Basic) – includes only basic information about Updates and Backups. No extensions required

New report template

New Scheduling System

The new scheduling system provides a more user-friendly interface with 5 options.

Schedule Options

  • Off – option will temporarily disable the report and once you need it again, you can reset your schedule options
  • Daily – extension will send the report every day with report data for the previous day. For example, if you set the daily report today, the first report will be sent tomorrow with report data for today.
  • Weekly – extension will send the report once a week for the previous week. You can set day for sending the report. For example, if you set weekly report and Monday as a day when the report will be sent, on each Monday, the extension will send the report for the previous week. 
  • Monthly – extension will send reports once a month for the previous month. You can set day for sending the report. For example, if you set monthly report and 2nd day of the month for sending the report, each month, on the second day of the month, the extension will send the report for the previous month.
  • Yearly – extension will send reports once a year for the last year. You can set date for sending the report. For example, if you set yearly report and January 5th as a day for sending the report, the extension will send the report on January 5th, 2018 for the year of 2017.
After updating the MainWP Client Reports extension to 2.0 version, please review all your existing reports settings and make sure that the new scheduling system inherited correct settings.

Insert Token Menu

In each report section (Header, Body, Footer) you are allowed to use tokens which will be replaced by actual values in reports. Along with manually typing tokens in report content, the extension allows you to insert tokens by clicking on the token you want to use from the list.

Insert Tokens

Insert Sections Menu

Same as the Insert Tokens menu, the Insert Sections menu allows you to add preformatted token snippets in the report content. After inserting a section, you can edit it and add/remove wanted data tokens, or add text strings.

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Insert Sections

New Tokens

Version 2.0 brings support for new tokens.

WordFence – Available only with the Wordfence Extension

[section.wordfence.scan][/section.wordfence.scan] – Loops through Security Scans during the selected date range

[wordfence.scan.result] – Displays the Status info for the Child Site
[maintenance.process.details] – Displays the Scan details
[] – Displays the Security Scan date

[wordfence.scan.count] – Displays the number of performed scans during the date range

Maintenance – Available only with the Maintenance Extension

[section.maintenance.process][/section.maintenance.process] – Loops through Maintenance actions during the selected date range

[maintenance.process.details] – Displays the maintenance details
[maintenance.process.result] – Displays the maintenance result
[] – – Displays the maintenance action date

[maintenance.process.count] – Displays the number of performed maintenance tasks during the selected date range

Page Speed – Available only with the Page Speed Extension

[pagespeed.average.desktop] – Displays the average Desktop page speed score
[] – Displays the average Mobile page speed score

Broken Links – Available only with the Broken Links Checker Extension

[brokenlinks.links.broken] – Displays the number of broken links
[brokenlinks.links.redirect] – Displays the number of redirected links
[brokenlinks.links.dismissed] – Displays the number of dismissed links
[brokenlinks.links.all] – Displays the number of all links

Various Bug Fixes, Layout and Usability Improvements

New MainWP Client Reports extension version introduces a lot of small changes that will improve overall user experiences. The focus was on cleaning the extension interface. Also, we have included a significant number of bug fixes that we were able to track down with a huge help from our user that have been reporting issues to us.

To see all version updates, please check the extension changelog.

New Help Documentation

Along with all extension changes, we have made whole new documentation for the extension. You can find the new help documents on the MainWP Client Reports Extension Documentation page.

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