Using the Admin Notices Manager plugin to Clean Up Admin Notices

Admin notices can be an annoying pain to deal with populating the dashboard of a child site with multiple admin notices that may or may not be able to be dismissed.

Multiple admin notices can end up being ignored or they end up taking up so much space in wp-admin that it makes it annoying on trying to do anything in wp-admin as you normally would.

Admin notices in the dashboard have always been something that ends up being constantly debated on. WordPress is working on a new solution which is WP Notify which should hopefully end up being a better solution than admin notices. Until WP Notify is merged into WordPress core then the next best option is to use a plugin which will move admin notices into a better location.

Luckily there is a new plugin from WPWhiteSecurity who are behind WP Activity Log and WP 2FA plugins called Admin Notices Manager.

The Admin Notices Manager plugin has no settings after activation it will add a new menu item to the admin bar which will move all admin notice out of the dashboard and into one central place where they can be viewed.

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The Admin Notices Manager plugin is very easy to use and it can be installed and activated on all connected child sites.

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