Using the Powered Cache plugin to Improve your Child Sites Load Times

Powered Cache is an easy to use plugin which contains a number of useful features in the free version and includes a number of extensions in the premium version of the plugin.

After you have installed and activated the plugin on your child site it will add a new admin menu on your site named;

Powered Cache

In order to have page caching work using the Powered Cache plugin, you will need to go into the basic options settings and then enable it. You can set if you want Gzip compression to be enabled in the sites .htaccess file as well as the cache period as well as if you want mobile caching to be enabled. You can also enable object caching options in the basic options settings page. Powered Cache plugin supports Memcached and Redis object caching.

Within the advanced options settings, you can remove query strings from CSS and JS files as well as set which cookies and pages you want to exclude from the Powered Cache created cache.

The CDN tab settings will be enabled if you are using the site with specific CDN URLs and set the Enable CDN support checkbox and you can then add the CDN URLs (CNAMES) and then save the changes.

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The Powered Cache plugin in the free version includes a number of extensions that can then be activated; they include lazy load, Cloudflare and preload. After you have enabled the extensions in the extensions tab they will show under settings in the Powered Cache admin menu item.

The Cloudflare CDN integration is very easy to use in the Powered Cache plugin extension you will only need to enter your Cloudflare account email address as well as the generated API key.

Some of the extensions included in the premium version of Powered Cache include Varnish integration so that you can automatically purge the Varnish cache when a post is updated. The Minifier extension includes being able to minify HTML, CSS, and JS files in the Powered Cache plugin. The preload extension in the premium extension also has a preload bot that will preload the cache based on the site’s sitemap XML file. The final premium extension is the remote cron one which runs a remote cron bot which will then execute WP Cron on your site.

From within the admin bar on the site where the plugin is installed, it will show a Powered Cache bar item where you can purge the page cache as well as the Cloudflare cache.

Powered Cache plugin only uses two option names on your site they are named;


The Powered Cache plugin is a very feature complete free plugin that is easy to use without a lot of bloat and will help improve your child sites load times.

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