Using Tickera on your Child Site for Selling Tickets

Using Tickera on your Child Site for Selling Tickets

At some point, you may be tasked with setting up a feature on your child site for being able to sell event-related tickets directly. One solid plugin which can assist with creating events and tickets sold on your child site is called, aptly, Tickera.

To set up Tickera, you will need to install the Tickera plugin on your child site. Once the plugin has been activated, it will walk you through the built-in setup wizard. The setup wizard is familiar in flow to the one WooCommerce has. Once you have gone through the setup wizard, the next step will be to have the default pages installed for Tickera. This is similar in the default install page that WooCommerce adds. Those created pages will set the correct Tickera shortcodes on the pages.

Example shortcodes on the Tickera default pages.


Next, you will need to create an event, where you will be able to show the ticket options on that event for purchase on the site.

After you have created an event, you will need to create ticket types. Ticket types can be applied to the event or events that have been created. When you view the event on the front-end of the site, those ticket options will display.

There is also a similar feature in Ticker to how coupons work in WooCommerce you can create discount codes. When creating the discount code, you can define which ticket types it can be applied to.

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To create ticket templates, you will need to use the premium version of the plugin. A vast range of payment gateways are available to process payment of the ticket sales on the site, again to be able to unlock the payment gateways. You will need the premium version of the plugin or the only option will be to sell free tickets on the site.

A useful feature, also built into Tickera, is being able to export all attendees for a specific event to a PDF file. You can find this feature from;

Tickera > Settings > Export PDF

Other features that Tickera includes is viewing the orders of the tickets sold on your site. You can also see the attendees, and types of tickets that they purchased.

There are Android and iOS applications to check-in attendees on the day of the event. To use the application for attendee check-in, make sure that you have created an API key on your site.

Tickera is an easy-to-use plugin for selling tickets on your child site.

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