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Using WP Optimize Plugin for Site Caching on Your Child Site

WP Optimize was originally a plugin that could easily optimize your child site database and site images. In the most recent 3.0.0 release, WP Optimize now includes support for page caching.

To access the site caching feature in WP Optimize, make sure you have updated the most current version. From the admin menu, go to;

WP Optimize > Cache

Which will show tabs for the following;

Page cache


In preload, you can set how often the site will have site pages requested, so that those site pages will be cached. The preload in WP Optimize will create a cron event, and that event will be run daily or weekly, depending on what value is set. The preload created cron event is called;

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Advanced settings

In the advanced settings tab, you can exclude site URLs you do not want cached. WP Optimize also support wildcard expressions, so you can exclude all URLs with a specific base. For example, /my-account/* would exclude all My Account pages that WooCommerce uses from being cached.

Gzip compression

Static file headers

WP Optimize will set the following constant in the sites wp-config.php file;

define('WP_CACHE', true); // WP-Optimize Cache

Also, WP Optimize will add its own drop-in advanced-cache.php file in the site’s wp-content folder.

If you are already using WP Optimize on your child site for database and image optimization, it is worth using the caching features the current plugin update includes, which removes the need to install a separate caching plugin.

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